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Quiet luxury has come for our hair (so here’s how to get expensive-looking hair without breaking the bank)

While Barbiecore shows no signs of slowing down, there's a more subtle, dare I say, quieter aesthetic that has social media under its influence. Quiet luxury has become an internet phenomenon, fuelled by pop culture moments like Succession, Gwyneth Paltrow's courtroom style, and Sofia Grainge Richie's wedding, making it a close runner-up in the race for Aesthetic of the Summer.

Also known as stealth wealth, quiet luxury is all about being expensive, minimalist, and high-quality. As with most aesthetics, quiet luxury has trickled all the way down to our beauty routines, with some of our favourite celebrities embracing super-luxe hair this summer.

So what is quiet-luxury hair, you ask? Well, if you apply the same principles, quiet-luxury hair is expensive, minimalist, and high-quality hair. This idea applies to both hair colour and style. Think Jennifer Lawrence's expensive honey dye job paired with a simple black headband, Jennie Kim's soft black hair topped with a satin bow, and Margot Robbie's ultra-shiny Barbie press tour blowouts.

Celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho, who has created quiet-luxury hair looks for stars like Ana de Armas, Mia Goth, and Anna Sawai, has noticed a shift in red-carpet glamour. “Understated simplicity is stunning and people are quieting down where less is more,” she says. For Cho, the trend is all about “chic minimalism and the power of restraint.”

When it comes to coloring, rich shades like expensive brunette exemplify quiet luxury. Shvonne Perkins, master colorist at Madison Reed, says dye jobs have also become much more minimalist. “Quiet luxury is bringing everyone back to classic colours. It’s all about finding a classic tone that works specifically for your complexion and wardrobe,” she says. “Doubling down on something that complements you rather than chasing the latest trend is in, and as a result, we’re seeing rich tones in every shade family take the stage. These colours are natural in tone, that you could have been born with–even if you weren't. Quiet-luxury hair colors are effortless and are not overdone”

The best part? Quiet-luxury hair looks require minimal effort. For an easy way to get the look at home, Cho recommends creating a simple base and elevating the look with quality hair accessories. “Start with a clean simple part,” she says. “You can wear a centre or side part, or slick straight back and pull together into a low, mid, or high ponytail into a clean knot."

Once you have your updo secured, it's time to get creative. “Hair accessories can also play a big part, look for abstract, interesting shapes or keep it French and look for French tortoise hair pins and clips,” Cho says.

To get hair super shiny and sleek, Cho recommends using frizz-taming products. “I love using Superzero Instant Shine and Anti Frizz Hair Serum Treatment Bar to mold and to add shine,” she says. “I use the bar to take down flyaways and to make final touches.”

If you're asking for quiet-luxury hair at the salon, Perkins says to be specific with your colourist. “Look for shades that are multidimensional without necessarily being highlights,” she says. “Madison Reed hair colour specialises in this, offering shades that have gray coverage plus one to two additional tones added in to make the hair colour appear multitonal, as if each shade were custom mixed.”

Keep your quiet-luxury hair looking rich by using a colour-depositing product. “When using a mask or gloss, use the tone that contributes to the richness of the shade,” Perkins says. “For instance, in a red hair colour, try a copper shade. In a deep brunette, go for golden or slightly auburn shades. It’s all about adding a tone that enhances that base shade and keeps the hair from looking opaque and flat.”

This article was originally published on GLAMOUR US.

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