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Beauty Tip: Three lip colors that’ll give the impression of whiter teeth!

Choosing the shade of a lipstick is largely as important as that of foundation to harmonize perfectly with the skin and teeth. Lipstick can in fact be the best ally for a healthy glow and a perfect smile : well chosen, it certainly enhances the mouth but can also give the illusion of whiter enamel. The basic rule? Avoid orange, brown and coral shades and undertones which amplify yellow reflections. Also leave aside “nude” shades (from beige to brown) which tend to dull your teeth. Instead, opt for blue undertones - therefore cold - which naturally whiten your teeth , like the lipsticks below.

3 shades of lipsticks to give the illusion of whiter teeth:

Red with blue undertones

Signature of the Parisian par excellence, red lipstick can become your best ally to enhance your smile. Choose it with bluish undertones, because on the color wheel blue is opposed to yellow: garnet, carmine or “crushed strawberry” are the ideal shades. On the contrary, avoid reds with warm undertones which amplify the yellow nuances of the enamel.

MAC Lipglass - Ruby Woo R355

Pale pink

Just like red with blue undertones, pale pink gives the illusion of whiter teeth thanks to its cold undertones and gives the face a very soft appearance. Sugared pink or “nymph’s thigh”, preferably matte to temper the nuances of the enamel, are required for an immaculate smile.

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Nudes of Worth Satin - 550 Le Nude Unapologetic R165

Plum or wine lees

A muted shade of purple (which opposes yellow on the color wheel), the plum color, mysterious and particularly modern, is the ideal shade to lighten the teeth and give a chic twist to the look. Particularly sublime on matte or tanned skin, it is also the perfect color for sunny days.

CHANEL Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour Rouge Noir R864

The original article can be found on French Vogue.

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