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WE'RE OBSESSED: Kay Yarms just dropped A limited edition beauty range with Scarlet Hill!

The Secret is out! The Head make-up artist and vlog queen has officially dropped the limited edition make up range in collaboration with Mr Price Scarlet Hill. We sat down with her and she shares everything you need to know about the collab, here!

GLAMOUR: Tell us a little about your journey with Scarlet Hill and how this makeup collaboration started?

KAY YARMS: Scarlet Hill and I go way back haha…I remember being flown down to the launch back in 2019 and creating vlogs with the products and now look, your girl has her limited-edition range with Scarlet Hill. This range has been in the works for more than 9 months with testing, swatching, and design and is such a great celebration of an amazing partnership.

GLAMOUR: What are you most excited about launching this exclusive range?

KAY YARMS: Just the whole campaign and bringing the girlies back their fave products. My followers have BEEN telling me to bring back the OG contour palette and we said yes!

GLAMOUR: Your favourite go-to product in the range?

KAY YARMS: Everyone knows I’m such a lip girl and this lip kit trio is GIVING! The perfect shade of nude, a liner that is smooth like butter and of course, a clear gloss. It’s so me!

GLAMOUR: If there was only one product you could recommend to the girlies to get which product would that be?

KAY YARMS: It’s so hard to pick one…but if I had to choose, the contour palette! This has been requested and the pigment is doing the things, chile.

GLAMOUR: The most rewarding part of launching this collab?

KAY YARMS: Working with the whole team from the buyers, and marketing to the photographers and stylists. Over the last year, it’s been such a great process working with the team and finding a winning formula and this is just the perfect touch.

Kay Yarms x Scarlet Hill Eye Shadow Palette R69.99
Kay Yarms x Scarlet Hill Blend Kit R89.99

GLAMOUR: Tell us about the partnership with Scarlett Hill, what do you love about the brand?

KAY YARMS: Scarlet Hill is for the girlies and the girls that get, get it! The brand is so accessible, and fun and I love how affordable the range is – my whole collection is just under R400 – I mean, come on.

GLAMOUR: What would you tell your 18-year-old self about achieving your dreams and goals?


GLAMOUR: What’s next for Scarlet Hill and Kay Yarms?

KAY YARMS: One thing about Scarlet Hill, she stays serving – there are so many exciting new launches from bath & body to haircare and more. As for me, stay tuned to the socials, honey! You never know what’s coming next.

GLAMOUR: Take us through the range - why did you and Scarlet Hill decide on those specific six products?

KAY YARMS: These are the items that I feel every beauty lover will respond to and need for the festive season. The packaging is so me and brings together my love of clean lines and touches of pink, and the products, ke sana! I could go on for days but I love it, shame.

From the neutrals of the eyeshadow to the blending kit which makes smoothing out the under-eye so much easier, to the rose hues in the blushes and my fave lash style, it’s giving.

GLAMOUR: A summer makeup tip for the girlies?

KAY YARMS: The UK huns were in their bag when it came to a bright under-eye. Make sure your summer bag has my blending kit makes it even easier a smooth finish and of course, blush, babe.

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