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3 Skin-Plumping Ingredients To Incorporate Into Your Routine Now

Plump skin has always been the rage that everyone wishes to achieve from products in their skincare routine. Regardless of the eras that we find ourselves in, plump skin has always been a skincare goal for most. I mean who doesn’t want healthy, glowy and fresh looking skin?

However, as skincare advances - so do we- products no longer contain multiple ingredients treating multiple skin concerns. Now, we find ousrselvs in a time where certain ingredients are concentrated in one product that can treat specific skin concerns. In a nutshell, companies have left it to us to become educated on skincare ingredients and amateur alchemists in the comfort of our bathroom. Daniel Isaacs, chief product officer at Medik8, shares the three skincare ingredients he recommends for smoother, more youthful skin.

Hyaluronic acid

“Hyaluronic acid is one of the major components of our natural extracellular matrix, the very framework our skin sits on,” shares Isaacs, “and [it] has a unique ability to attract and retain more than 1,000 times its own weight in water.”

Look for products that contain multiple weights of hyaluronic acid, with smaller molecules penetrating deep into the skin and “drawing moisture up from the lower layers of the dermis”, while larger ones sit on the surface of the skin “to create a moisture reservoir, feeding the upper layers and preventing moisture from escaping”. The end result? Supple, nourished and healthy skin.


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Matrixyl 3000

This peptide blend can work miracles when it comes to retaining skin’s natural strength and resilience – visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and stimulating collagen production to boot. “Peptides started to gain traction in 2005 when a clinical paper was published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science showing the improvement of sun-damaged skin with Matrixyl in 2005,” says Isaacs. “From then on, peptides have become more and more coveted within skincare.”


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A gold standard skincare ingredient for a reason, “retinol works to support collagen and elastin production… It also helps to speed up cell renewal, encouraging newer and fresher-looking cells to come to the surface,” says Isaacs. While it’s widely considered “the best ingredient for maintaining younger-looking skin”, a word of caution: “If retinol is delivered too quickly, the skin can become irritated.” As always, it’s best to start with the lowest possible potency and work up from there.


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The original article can be found on Vogue UK.

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