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Here’s everything you need to know about Collagen supplements and why it’s worth the spend

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The resurgence of collagen supplements are certainly not a new concept, but it’s definitely buzz-worthy and has the beauty world in a frenzy. Did you know that Collagen makes up over 70% of the protein found in your skin? (No? don’t worry we didn’t either) So, we caught up with the Owner of The Bone Broth Guy Darius Du Toit, who shares exactly what you need to know if you’re planning on jumping on the collagen bandwagon.

For starters, what is collagen and what does it have to do with our skin?

Derived from the Greek word “kólla,” which means glue, collagen is one of the major building blocks in your body that gives your skin structure and is also the most abundant protein in your body. Collagen is prominent in many other body parts, such as your teeth, blood vessels, and corneas.

What is Collagen Powder?

Collagen Powder is produced from a hydrolysation process – essentially this means that the pure collagen strands are broken down into tiny pieces through an enzymic process. The resulting powder packs a massive punch, as your body has immediate access to 18 Amino Acids, of which 8 are essential amino acids (essential amino acids can only come from food and supplements and cannot be produced by the human body itself).

Bone Broth Guy’s Collagen Powder contains both types I & III Collagen. Type I collagen. Type III collagen is a major player in reducing inflammation; especially important for protecting and healing the organs. Type III together with the more abundant Type I collagen also supports the skin, hair & nails.

What are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen Peptides are also known as hydrolyzed collagen powder. These peptides are collagen proteins that are further broken into smaller particles. Collagen Peptides are easier for the body to absorb and digest, as they have already undergone an additional enzymic process.

The powder is slightly granulated, which makes it easier to be absorbed in the gut and send it towards targeted tissue. The result is a totally odourless and tasteless powder that is very easily soluble in hot and cold liquids.

Collagen Peptides have been shown to offer up to 80% bioavailability within two hours of being taken – your body is able to absorb and use the Peptides quickly and efficiently.

What is the difference between Powder and Peptides?

Bone Broth Guy’s Collagen Powder and Collagen Peptides aim to offer benefits to a complete spectrum of users.

The unique properties of Collagen Peptides are especially useful for individuals with certain ailments such as arthritis, are fantastic for sports nutrition (as the peptides are absorbed very quickly and efficiently), individuals with gut problems (as the slightly granulated peptides are much easier to absorb), as well as for specific beauty goals, such as improving skin condition and elasticity, strong nails and beautiful, long hair.

Collagen Powder is great for someone who wants general improvement and prevention. Collagen Powder has all the great benefits of Collagen Peptides, with the additional benefit of having some Type III collagen as well.

Since Collagen Peptides have more steps involved in the manufacturing process, it has a higher price point, whereas Collagen Powder has a more accessible price point as a general supplement.

Collagen Peptides are also completely odourless and flavourless, which is an additional benefit for some users.

Unique characteristics of Bone Broth Guy's Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides:

  • Totally neutral in taste & odour, making it easy to consume.
  • Easily soluble in cold liquids, resulting in an easy-to-use blend for smoothies, dairy, juice or even a glass of water.
  • High heat resistance: you'll enjoy the same health benefits, even when adding to soups, hot drinks or home bakes.

Why is collagen beneficial?

  • Natural source of amino acids & protein.
  • Collagen essentially supports the structure of the body, providing strength, elasticity & cohesion.
  • Promotes building & recovery of muscle mass.
  • Promotes joint health & cartilage support.
  • May relieve joint pain & symptoms of arthritis.
  • Promotes strong & healthy nails.
  • May strengthen arteries, provide anti-inflammatory effects & support organ health.
  • Promotes skin elasticity by boosting collagen production in the dermis.
  • May reduce wrinkles and provide anti-ageing benefits if taken as part of a healthy, balanced diet.
  • May improve digestion by supporting the digestive tract & promoting gut health.

Dos and Don’ts when it comes to collagen?


  • Consider Collagen “loading” – when first starting out (first month), double your dose to “load” more collagen into your body. Collagen “loading” is very effective, results are seen quicker and the body has an opportunity to repair those unseen parts that may need attention, such as the gut, ligaments and joints, as well as produce visible results, such as beautiful glowing skin.
  • Drink lots of water – hydration is essential!
  • Consider taking Vitamin C & Zinc fizzy tablets with your collagen to make a powerful skin cocktail


  • It is recommended not to mix different collagen sources, such as bovine, chicken and marine collagen supplements in the same dose.
  • Collagen Supplements do not replace a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Take collagen on an empty stomach – your body will use some of the collagen for fuel, instead of the intended purpose of support, repair and recovery. It is recommended to take collagen supplements either in the evening or with breakfast.

Who should definitely use collagen?

Almost everybody may use collagen supplements. You can start from as early as your 20s as the natural production of collagen in the body starts to decrease. Collagen production decreases even more dramatically in women after menopause, so a collagen supplement is highly recommended for overall health support.

Who should not?

It is advisable to always consult a health care professional before taking any types of supplements. Ensure that you do thorough research especially if you are taking a supplement for the first time. Everyone’s body reacts differently and it’s important to know and understand what you are putting in your body.

What’s the best type of collagen to take?

The best collagen to take will depend on your goals and budget. A great starting point is Bone Broth Guy’s Collagen Powder (which is bovine collagen). Most customers will see and feel great benefits.

Type I Collagen is recommended for skin, hair and bone health. It provides structure to skin, tendons, bones ligaments and other connective tissues, and are especially abundant in bovine and marine collagen

Type II collagen is all about joint health and mobility, as this is an important building block of cartilage. Chicken Collagen is a good source of Type II collagen

Type III collagen is great for skin health and works alongside Type I collagen in the skin, joints, ligaments and blood vessels. Type III Collagen is mostly found in bovine and chicken collagen.

How do you use collagen to ensure you get the best results?

Collagen supplements have long term benefits and it’s important to take the supplement regularly and at the correct minimum dose of 10g per day.

It is recommended to take collagen supplements in the evening, so your body has the opportunity to use them to full effect while you’re sleeping. Usually, by the end of the day, your body has received protein from the diet, which means collagen is used for its intended purpose, and not as fuel.

For sports nutrition, collagen may be taken just before, or after exercise. Especially Collagen Peptides, which are 90% bioavailable for the body to use within two hours of consumption, and are fantastic additions to sports nutrition. The amino acids are quickly absorbed and ready to provide a strong recovery from exercise. Add it to a smoothie or protein shake for powerful results.

Two fun facts about why you should buy and try out collagen?

Bone Broth Guy recognises that some may find collagen supplements pricey when just starting out. We offer two types of collagen supplements at different price points to make it easier to try them out.

Look for a deal – we often have specials or combo’s, grab it when you see it

Just try it – you’ll never look back – once you’re hooked, you’ll love the visible benefits and feel the collagen working its magic.

Your future self will thank you!

Let’s talk flavoured collagen… what do we need to know?

Always look for natural products – free from antibiotics, growth hormones and added ingredients. Natural flavours (like fruit powders) are a fun way to add flavour, especially in smoothies. The most important thing is to

make sure the added flavours and colours are from natural sources, without any added “nasties”.

Pure Collagen is more versatile and easy to add to your daily routine – have it in coffee, tea or juice. Pure Collagen may also be used in cooking and baking, so the whole family gets the wonderful benefits.

Vitamin C & Zinc are great supplements for a strong immune system and healthy, glowing skin, which are complementary to collagen supplements for that exact reason.

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