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The what, why and how of strawberry legs

Do you ever notice those tiny annoying dots on your legs after shaving and you’re not quite sure what they are, where they come from or how to get rid of them? Aesthetician, Nathi Ncgaba from Lume Beauty Atelier in Cavendish Square answers our top 6 questions.

1. What is strawberry legs and how did it get its name?

Strawberry legs are dark or red spots on the legs. They are hair follicles or enlarged pores that contain trapped oil, bacteria & dead skin cells.The name strawberry legs name originates from the dotted appearance that resembles the skin and seeds of a strawberry.

2. Why do we get these tiny spots?

The causes of strawberry legs are shaving with incorrect razors or old razors. Shaving without a shaving cream is also a contributing factor because then shaving is harsher on the skin without that protective barrier. When the follicle or pores is exposed to air after shaving, it may darken. Other skin conditions that can cause strawberry legs are folliculitis, and keratosis pilaris.

3. What professional treatments can be done to treat this?

Laser hair removal can help to kill the hair at the root to prevent the strawberry legs effect. A regular full body exfoliation treatment with a moisturizing mask application on the body/ just the legs for moisture.

4. Do you have any suggestions for home remedies?

The skin needs to be gently exfoliated regularly and you can use a loofah or a gentle body scrub daily to remove dead skin cells. Always apply a moisturizer onto the skin twice a day, in the morning and evenings after a bath or shower. Replacing lost moisture will improve the appearance of your skin & should serve to alleviate and prevent the symptoms of strawberry legs.

5. Which ingredients should you look for in products that will help reduce and correct strawberry legs?

Coconut and/or Jojoba to keep your skin moisturised. Sugar, salicylic or glycolic acid for exfoliating.

6. What are your trusted over-the-counter products you can recommend?

The Lotion P50 lotion corps (R1 55), great for exfoliation and rebalancing the skin.Terres D’afrique Gentle exfoliating scrub. It is organic with sugar, marula oil & rooibos flakes (R1 134,98). Terres D’Afrique Omumbiri Body butter, organic with jojoba oil, Mafura and KIgilia) (R1 301,06).

All available at Lume Beauty.

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