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The iconic Euphoria makeup looks we’re loving from season 2

Euphoria is iconic for many reasons - the plot, the acting, the Y2K fashion- and of course, the instantly recognisable stylised makeup.

Euphoria is single-handedly bringing back 90s beauty looks featuring glitter, rhinestones, pops of colour and bold liner.

However, according to lead makeup designer Doniella Davy, there is more to it than meets the eye. Each character’s makeup look is reminiscent of their personality, with features that symbolise their most standout qualities and journey throughout the show.

Here, she explains the stories and inspiration behind some of the show’s most memorable beauty looks, and how they come to life in season 2.

The Maddy Wing

Arguably the most recognisable makeup look from the season, the Maddy Wing, is sharp and dangerous. “Sharp like a knife to cut through whatever stands in her way: Ex boyfriends, bathroom doors, etc,” says Davy.

Maddy’s character is more sombre this season (given the Nate and Cassie drama), and we see that reflected in her makeup. Alexa Demie collaborated with the makeup team to bring a new take on her character, “picking out colors and textures in a more understated palette this season than we’re used to seeing on Maddy,” she says.

Bold Minimalism

Cassie’s demeanour is supposedly sweet and innocent yet in this season, her actions depict otherwise. Davy depicts this juxtaposition with stand-out yet ‘minimal’ makeup. Delicate rhinestones and graphic liner in white (to showcase her purity) are a few of the ways Cassie’s character arc is brought to life.

Diamante Eyes

Maddy uses makeup as a suit of armour and there is “more to Maddy’s makeup than rhinestones and cat-eyes!," says Davy. ““Underneath her elaborate armor, Maddy feels the pain of crushed childhood dreams and a psychotic and abusive boyfriend. I designed her makeup to have a fantastical element to it because despite her fierce outward personality, Maddy is a diehard Romantic who wants to transcend the “loveless marriage” that is her home life,” she explains on Instagram.

Starry tears

Rue’s deep pain and emotions come to the fore this season and Donnie depicts that with star-studded tears. Zendaya’s performance as Rue struggling with substance abuse has certainly solidified her A-list star status.

Colourful graphic liner

You can’t think of Euphoria without colourful graphic liner - sometimes even two-toned. We love how Donnie plays with patterns and textures.

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