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How to enjoy pandemic safe self-care days

We all deserve some time off from the busy daily routine.

Spa manager at Amani Spa and Wellness in the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Elzanne Koortzen, shares 5 safety tips to keep in mind when booking a spa treatment during the pandemic.

What research should people do ahead of time if they want to book a spa treatment?

Definitely call the spa to check on their COVID-19 procedures. Ask them how often they clean, what the changing room situation is like, as well as what their check-in process entails, along with anything else that may be on your mind. They should be able to answer you confidently as they would have had to undergo relevant training to ensure that everyone is well-versed on the new protocols. It’s important that guests feel safe coming to your establishment ahead of time. Otherwise they arrive all nervous and tense, which is the opposite of how we want them to feel.

What action can clients take on their treatment day to ease the process?

Please arrive early if at all possible! Of course, we don’t expect people to arrive 30 minutes ahead of their appointment, but if they’re there about 15 minutes prior this allows time for staff to get all the details, they need from you, to explain the COVID-19 safety protocols, while also leaving room for any questions without infringing on any of that precious spa time.

Are there any treatments that are generally less risky than others right now?

At Amani, we are offering our full list of treatments as we’re confident we’re taking all the precautions necessary to limit any risks. We can’t speak for other spa facilities, but all our treatments are low-risk thanks to vigorous cleaning processes that take place before and after any client visits. That’s why it’s important to ask about sanitising beforehand. That way you’ll be up to speed about any risks that any particular treatment may pose.

These new safety procedures can sometimes leave people extra stressed about getting their treatments. What can be done to ensure that the whole experience is as relaxing as possible?

Check to see what other facilities at the spa are available for use. If they have a pool, sauna or a relaxation area that you can enjoy before or after your treatment - and it’s properly cleaned and social distancing is enforced - definitely take advantage of these. Our guests enjoy complimentary usage of these facilities when they book a treatment, and we encourage them to truly make the most of their time with us.

Any other thoughts that you would like to share?

Make a day out of it. You’ve made the effort to go out and take some time for self-care, so if you can, make a day, or at least a half-day of it. See what else there is to do or enjoy in the area. If there’s a place to go for a nice walk, go for it. Or perhaps there’s a spot nearby where you can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some time alone. Just a few hours of self-care will go a long way in making you feel restored and rejuvenated.

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