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Amy Steele is the independent, alternative music artist who’s pioneering a new sound

Amy Steele is the newest talent on our radar. Making her mark on the London music scene, the singer is back with her new single ‘Smoke Castles’.

Amy encompasses what it is to be a modern artist. She’s shaping her own sound and sonic identity - one that is wholly unique to herself.

Amy’s latest track, Smoke Castles, is characterised by smooth, sultry vocals, soulful energy, alternative melodies, and meaningful lyrics. It all comes together to form a rich melodic tapestry that catches you in your tracks.

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Refusing to conform to one generic genre, Amy is part of a new generation of artists that are simply expressing themselves and telling their stories in their own voice.

There is an intellectualism in Amy’s lyrics that satisfies the listener. Smoke Castles is a metaphor for a relationship that lacks substance; and living within the relationship is like living in a home, made only out of smoke. The Castle is grand and impressive, but inside, it doesn’t live up to the fairy-tale.

“[The song] is about the distance created between two people and how the foundations they built were not strong enough to sustain the weight of the relationship. It’s about a lack of clarity in communication, and the discomfort and uncertainty that brings,“ says Amy.

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In the song, she sings the lyrics: ‘Speaking smoke, you’re so unclear, white ribbons have tied up the air.’

Through the backdrop of this disappointment, Amy is empowered. The song opens with, “Take my smile as a souvenir” - an underlying message of optimism, resilience, and self-recovery to the listener.

Independent artists have the advantage of controling the trajectory of their sound without external influence. However, this can also make it more challenging to reach larger audiences. Amy recently signed a deal with EMPRIE record label - a powerhpuse for independent artists. With their support, Amy plans to take her music career to new heights.

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