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At Home With Gina Jeanz

A denim jeans and sneaker type of girl with a love for music, we get up close and personal with one of our faves!

From performing on some of the biggest festival stages and for some of the biggest brands, to performing for us at home via Zoom, Gina Jeanz is one of the creatives available to be booked for a “Meister Drop In” for FREE through the Jägermeister #SaveTheNight initiative.

You can book Gina Jeanz here:

What would you save you have learnt about yourself through the #SaveTheNight initiative?

This whole experience has pushed me to adapt to performing online, I’ve also invested in the gear I need to put on a good show like some extra lighting and tripods for my cameras to make sure my set-up works for the online shows.

What has your most memorable “Meister Drop In” been to date?

I would say my first one with Jackie Queens was my most memorable because as much as I was still getting the hang of the Zoom app, the group was very patient with me. It’s nerve wrecking because you have to make sure your set-up works and that the sound is also coming out just right.

Rumour has it that you’re working on an album. Can we expect to hear it anytime soon?

I don’t have a final date set just yet also because of the current state of the industry a lot of my deadlines have moved up but I will say I had an amazing time working on a full body of work, it challenged me and also allowed me to work with artists who truly inspire me.

Where did your love for making music come from?

My love from music stems from my early childhood, we always had music playing in the house, but it was when I started playing the violin that I wanted to learn how to compose and produce my own music.

As a producer, DJ, creative and model, what’s the one misconception people have about you?

I always get different misconceptions especially when people meet me in person and realize how tall I am. I think the common on is I’m a model and I’m not approachable but I’m definitely far from that. Being a model is not who I am it’s what I do and has also been a part of my journey over the last 10 years.

Your Instagram feed looks like total goals! We have to ask:

1.Does your hubby play part time photographer?

If it’s not my self-timer it’s definitely him behind the lens.

2.What are your go to fashion items?

Denim jeans and a great pair of sneakers.

3.Describe your daily beauty routine

Cleanse, tone, serum, SPF and moisturizer in that order.

4.Your house is on fire, what 3 things would you take?

My cat, my hard drive and my passport.

What’s next?

Hopefully the release of the album but when everything falls into place, I’ll definitely share the news on my socials.

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