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Beyoncé gains 275,000 followers over Super Bowl weekend

According to new data, analyzed by brand-new sweepstake casino Vegas Gems, Beyoncé experienced a surge in her Instagram following, gaining an impressive 254,844 new followers on Saturday in anticipation of her Super Bowl ad.

The ad, crafted by US telecommunications giant Verizon, showcased Beyoncé in a series of captivating scenarios, each designed to playfully challenge Verizon's capacity and "break the internet." From playing the saxophone to donning the persona of "Bar-bey" (Barbie) and even going to space, Beyoncé's Super Bowl ad has fans going wild.

Teased on Verizon's social media platforms on Friday, the ad generated intense speculation among fans, driving a significant spike in Beyoncé's social media following.

On top of this, Beyoncé gained a combined 275,313 new followers on Instagram over the Super Bowl weekend, largely attributed to the exciting announcement of her new album ‘Renaissance (Act II).’

A quarter of a million fans flocked to her Instagram account looking for clues as they awaited her highly anticipated Super Bowl appearance. With this increase, Beyoncé now has an impressive 319,945,466 Instagram followers.

Josh Lingenfelter, a spokesperson from Vegas Gems, commented on the findings: "Beyoncé's strategic collaboration with Verizon for her Super Bowl ad has undoubtedly contributed to the surge in her Instagram followers, as well as the announcement of her highly anticipated new album, Act II.

“The anticipation surrounding the ad caused plenty of speculation and showcased her immense power to captivate fans. As her follower count skyrocketed, it's crystal clear that fans will go above and beyond to stay in the loop with her latest music updates."

The original article can be found on Vegas Gems.

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