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Bonnie Mbuli all set for BBC1’s 'Noughts + Crosses' season 2

Bonnie Mbuli. Image: Instagram
Bonnie Mbuli. Image: Instagram

South African actress, businesswoman and TV presenter Bonnie Mbuli is set to make her return to international series “Noughts + Crosses”.

In the first season of the alternative history series which aired in 2020, sees Mbuli’s unflinching portrayal of Jasmine Hadley, Sephy Hadley's mother.

Her portrayal was nothing short of astounding and the international role marked her comeback to TV.

Series lead, Sephy Hadley played by Masali Baduza is also a South African actress.

The hit show follows the forbidden love story of Callum and Sephy, a “Nought” and a “Cross” who fall in love.

Shot largely in Cape Town the synopsis for season two reads: “Jack Rowan and Masali Baduza will return as Callum and Sephy, now desperately attempting to flee Albion in search of a new life together, while the city they left behind ignites in the wake of Sephy's ’kidnap’ and the devastating events of series one.”

On Tuesday Mbuli took to her Instagram account to share the news of the upcoming season.

In the caption she wrote: “..💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽🖤 Ready fi dem !”.

Bonnie’s fans shared their excitement at the news.

Issy_d64 commented: “Wow! Amazing! Can’t wait!! ❤️”.

Malorie Blackman, the author of the best-selling novel, “Noughts + Crosses” season 2 also shared the news on her Twitter.

She wrote: “Woot! ’Noughts + Crosses’ is returning for a second series.

“I am so thrilled. Once again, I'm breaking out my Carlton dance moves.”

One fan commented: “Yeah. Have to admit too old to have read the books, missed my generation but got hooked in with the TV series & binge watched over a few nights till early morning to the perplexed look from my husband as tried to sneak back into bed in the wee hrs. OK TMI!”


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