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Exclusive: Q & A with Being Bonang breakout star Pinky Girl

We simply couldn’t get enough of the breakout reality star Tebogo Pinky Girl Mekgwe in season 1 of Being Bonang. So when we found out that our favourite ‘mo-gal’ will be back for season 2, we just had to reach out to her for an exclusive interview.


GLAMOUR: In Season 1, we saw you go from Bonang’s cousin to Bonang’s Executive Assistant and reality star. How has fame or being on TV changed your life? 

Pinky Girl: I definitely get more recognition now, and people are more aware of who I am. I am not a celebrity, as yet, but it’s something that I’m working on. Being on TV has really opened new opportunities up for me, and I’ve been introduced to so many new great people, and have garnered attention from people in the industry who can definitely be of great value to me.

G: Your hair and makeup are always on fleek! Do you have any beauty tips for our GLAMOUR girls?


A girl can never be caught slippin’! I grew up with girls, especially Bonang, so we would always play around with makeup and clothes. I still do that to this day. I will switch up my hair from a blonde wig to a pink wig. I think it’s very important to explore and have fun with your looks. I read up on trends and I adapt them to what suits me and my personality the best. I think that would be my biggest beauty tip. Just have fun with it and you will find what best works for you.

G: What has your ‘cuzzie’ taught you about slaying and the entertainment industry?

PG: She has taught me so many things, but the one thing that has stood out for me out of everything, is how to build up your profile and brand. She has managed to build and sustain an incredible profile and brand for herself; that is something I admire very much. She has also taught me that authenticity is your BFF. Being authentic is the best thing one could ever do for themselves. It makes everything else that much easier.

G: What’s in your handbag right now?

PG: Make-up LOL! A lot of make-up, and beauty products. I always keep lipstick and lip gloss in my bag, because a girl can never be caught with dry chapped lips. My bag always has to have make-up in it for touch-ups throughout the day. Also, some good hand cream and a good fragrance. These are really my staple handbag items. And a good pair of sunglasses!


….BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! Season 2 of Being Bonang starts Friday May 4th, 19:30 on 1 Magic… let’s have some fun!!🥂👌☺️😈🔥 #BeingBonang

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G: What music are you listening to at the moment?

PG: I listen to a lot of House and Soul and a bit of Cardi B.

G: What can we expect from Pinky Girl this season?

PG: I will be taking viewers on my journey to finding my feet in this industry that I am so absolutely new to. I will be enlisting the help of some really amazing individuals and professionals who will assist me on this journey, and help me package my brand. You can also expect to see me working on some exciting projects that are in the pipeline. It’s going to be an amazing season. If you loved Season 1, this one will definitely be for the books.

G: Champagne or wine?

PG: Champagne! That’s my thing.

G: Where did you grow up? Have you and Bonang always been this close?

PG: Bonang and I are only a year apart, so we grew up together. I am an only child so growing up with her was like growing up with a sister; almost like a twin. We would always share clothes and we went everywhere together. Her father would always come get us from Pretoria, where I was based, and Joburg where she was based and take us to Mahikeng where we would spend our holidays together. We literally grew up with each other so yeah, we have always been this close.

G: What does a day in the life of Pinky Girl look like?

PG: Meetings. Meetings. Meetings. I am hard at work building my “Pinky Girl” brand and trying to get that off the ground. So, I’m always out on daily meetings with new and different industry people, and working on some pretty cool stuff.

G: Will we get to see more of your personal life in the new season? 

PG: This year is all about securing the bag! I have just recently turned 30 and I really want to focus all my time and energy on myself and my career. I want to focus on building something concrete and sustainable out of the opportunities that being on the show has afforded me, and turn them into a credible career path.

Being Bonang season 2 airs tonight, Friday 4 May, on 1Magic.

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