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GLAMOUR EXCLUSIVE: Zoë Modiga talks life, her career and her sophomore album Inganekwane

Zoë first appeared at The Mahogany Room, stealing all the spotlight at the since closed down Cape Town music venue.

Later she then appeared as part of the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band at the Joy of Jazz festival in 2013, followed by an amazing debut performance at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival in 2015, and a South African Music Rights Organization scholarship grant later that year. In 2016, we saw Zoë appear in the debut season of the competition show, The Voice. In 2017, she released her first studio album, Yellow: The Novel and it earned her two nominations at the South African Music Awards in 2018. In 2019, she had a career defining moment when she performed at AfroPunk JHB.

On the 26th of June this year she released her second studio album, Inganekwane. GLAMOUR caught up with the talented Zoë Modiga who has just released her sophomore album, Inganekwane.  In this interview first ever GLAMOUR interview Zoë opens up about life, her influences, her dream music collaborations, 5 things you never knew about her and more.

GLAMOUR: Who would your dream musical collaboration be and why?

Zoë: I have so many artists I’d love to collaborate with that it's always difficult to put them in a list. I’ll say right now the artists that are mutually keen to collaborate are Nakhane and Bongeziwe Mabandla. They are beautiful artists and incredible souls.

GLAMOUR: What’s the misconception people have about you?

Zoë: That I’m a jazz musician. I love all music and consider myself to be versatile in my expression. I don’t like to box what music means to me or how I’m able to express it. I love the power that all music has to express the human experience.

GLAMOUR: What are the 5 things people would be surprised to find out about you?

Zoë: I can tell you random facts about myself and maybe the readers can tell me what surprised them.

• I’m always reading up on astrology

• I love African literature

• I performed at the 2010 World Cup

• I am a true hermit

• I’d like to do talks with regards to music at music schools and institutions

GLAMOUR: Is there any chance that you will be doing any live shows virtually?

Zoë: I’ve been looking into that idea and I’m trying to find the best possible way around it. Open to suggestions. I have done the Militia, Urban Sessions and that is still available on their website:

GLAMOUR: What’s next for Zoë post COVID-19?

Zoë: A continued exploration of storytelling, the rest is still unwritten.

Watch the full interview below as Zoë talks more about music, life, her career and a couple of other things you may not know about her:

Stream Zoe’s new album, Inganekwane here.

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