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Here are 5 reasons why we love DBN Gogo

It’s the festive season and most people would be going on holiday, and yes you need take that time off because you deserve it.

On this note, Glamour’s summer Edition is currently on shelves, and is filled with uplifting content to help you relax and transition into a fresh and different person next year.

Inside the fully packed summer edition, we take a look at new fashion accessories, skincare brands that you need to know and preparing yourself for a new career path that you may want to take in the new year.

As we embark on the last months of the year, now’s the perfect time to take stock of what you did throughout the year, and also to pamper yourself.

Here are 5 reason we love our Summer edition cover star DBN Gogo and why you need to buy Glamour’s latest issue:

1. Our summer edition cover star, DJ and producer Mandisa Radebe, popularly known as DBN Gogo, has cemented herself as an influential figure on the SA music scene.

2. The “Khuza Gogo” hitmaker is at the peak of her career and has helped shape the amapiano wave.

3. She brings a unique brilliance and vibe to each set making her music and story the one not to miss this season.

4. The renowned DJ, DBN Gogo is an introvert and likes to keep to herself.

5. She says her love for music traces back to her childhood including singing in a school choir and visits from one of South African music legend the late Miriam Makeba who was friends with the musician’s mother.

Get your GLAMOUR Summer Edition available digitally here and on news stands nationwide.

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