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Kani’s exclusion from The Lion King cast picture causes Social Media anger


Image: Instagram South Africans were outraged this week after the creators of the 2019 remake of The Lion King posted a picture of the cast - to hype up fans ahead of the film's release - but due to unknown reasons veteran actor John Kani was excluded. 

The photo was shared by the film's official twitter page on Monday, and it featured the likes of Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, John Oliver and Beyoncé

The cast of #TheLionKing. The king arrives in theatres next Friday, July 19.

— The Lion King (@disneylionking) July 8, 2019

Instead of creating the positive hype the creators were expecting, the picture caused an uproar in both South Africa and the US as Kani and veteran actor James Earl Jones, who will voice Mufasa in the film were left out. 

Kani who has received accolades around the world for his work and starred in several Hollywood films, will voice Rafiki in the film that opens next week in cinemas.

Disney has yet to explain the actors' exclusion, and social media has remained abuzz, with John topping the local trends list on Monday evening. And fans were angry! 

Here are some of the reaction from the tweet 

Am i the only one who noticed that, Beyonce was photoshopped here?...... they could've done the same with Mr John Kani.

— ntsikelelocalvinntsika (@canga8876) July 9, 2019 Am I The Only One Who Also Noticed That John Earl Jones (Mufasa) is also Not On This Released Picture Of The Cast? Was He And John Kani Having Lunch Or Something? Cz Wow !!! #TheLionKing

— Tsitso🇿🇦 (@Tsitso_Vandross) July 9, 2019

It's not just the photo. Dr John Kani introduced isiXhosa to the B.Panther and wasn't credited even behind the scenes now the Lion King? Lebo M is not even highly credited as the producer and music coordinator but they're quick to mention Pharrell. It's deeper than that guys.😔😔

— Y A N D I 🖤👑 (@PreciousMalesa) July 9, 2019 I'm really touched that John Kani isnt in this picture

— Another Stark (@ESivuyile) July 8, 2019 I wouldn't worry much about John Kani, that man knows his worth.

Ungathola ukuthi he didn't make the picture, of the cast for the new version of the Lion King, because he made himself unavailable

— Mjéyi Macingwane (@Sir_Mjeyi) July 8, 2019

Why isn't there Mr John Kani? #LionKing

The level of disrespect here!

— Theo The Ninja™ (@Yung_TheoLogyZA) July 8, 2019 I hate it when Americans get away with a lot of things. Even if we can boycott Lion King we stopping John Kani from getting the bag but if we watch it we letting them get away with it and we still look stupid to 'em. Even if he wasn't available they could have rescheduled.

— Y A N D I 🖤👑 (@PreciousMalesa) July 8, 2019 John Kani and James Earl Jones were like "Nah, we thespians, we don't do photo ops" #TheLionKing

— IG: (@qmlbeatz) July 8, 2019

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