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Khanyi Mbau says Beyoncé wasn't the right fit for the voice of Nala in 'The Lion King'

Pic: Disney Studios/Instagram

Television personality Khanyi Mbau thinks that Beyoncé messed up the "The Lion King" live-action remake.

"The Lion King" remake has been met with mixed reviews from US movie critics following the first batch of reviews dropping last week with the star-studded film currently sitting at 59% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Following clips of the "Drunk in Love" singer as the voice of Nala making its way to the internet, Mbau shared her displeasure regarding Beyonce's voice acting in the film. 

Taking to Twitter, Mbau said: "Beyoncé ...lion, A BIG NO!! She messed up the film."


— KHANYI MBAU (@MbauReloaded)

The BeyHive - Beyoncé stans - quickly flooded Mbau's mentions commenting on the fact that she hasn't watched the film yet and throwing insults her way.

— that tran (@pbandjsandwich3) July 9, 2019

You're not the target market sisi chill.

— Natasha Van De SlayQueen (@khoasa) July 9, 2019

That skin lightening cream has gotten to your brain #TheLionKing #BeyonceIsNala

— JaiZ (@jai1986) July 9, 2019

The movie isn't even out. Worry about that blotchy bleached skin, and get a new personality.

— Sir Chris Craven (@Rocksteady00) July 9, 2019

Then don’t watch it.

— NAJLA (@najla33331) July 9, 2019


The film is set to premiere in local cinemas on Friday alongside "‘The Lion King: The Gift" which is produced and curated by the "Spirit" singer following the release of the official movie soundtrack last week. 

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