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Lonely boy having a blast

Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley, has been spotted dancing with girls in New York, sparking speculation his relationship with Zoe Kravitz is in trouble – and rightly so!


The actress – daughter of ‘Fly Away’ singer Lenny Kravitz – went on vacation to Miami with Penn over the festive season, but he has since been seen dancing with some “very pretty girls” in New York. A source told the New York Post that Penn was seen leaving the Southside club in the city’s SoHo area with a brunette girl at about 3.30 a.m. at the weekend, clearly putting strain on his relationship with actress Zoe Kravits and fueling splitting-up rumors!


The news of Penn’s New year’s outrages came as a shock to Lenny, who has admitted in the past just how close he is to 22-year-old Zoe, who started dating Penn last summer. He said: “I’m old-school about the father-daughter thing, but she’s also my best friend. She grew up with me. I didn’t hide a lot. She learned by listening and observing what I was doing.” 


Her mother, actress Lisa Bonet of the ‘X Men: First Class,’ added that they have guided Zoe well and taught her not to get too caught up in the trappings of fame, and kept her “level-headed”. 


Zoe said: “Having well-known parents is kind of a double-edged sword. It’s given me wonderful opportunities, but people also like to knock you down because of it too and say that you have got things because of that. â€¨â€¨They told me not to take it seriously. People get very serious about the Hollywood fame thing and the reason I think I came out levelheaded was that they didn’t raise me to think it was anything serious. I had no illusions. People get way too deep about it and in the end it’s just a job and we’re all equal.”


Shame on you Penn for messing around with our favourite level-headed beauty!




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