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Olwethu Leshabane on the importance of sanitiser and ALL the RHOJ tea

Updated on September 22 2018

Can we just say that the past two Friday’s episode of Real Housewives of Johannesburg have been LIT! If you haven’t managed to watch it yet, we’ll try our best not to spoil it for you. But, let’s just say that there was a somewhat tense interaction with the ladies and a new friend to the show.

The guest star we’re referring to is supermom, entrepreneur and social media influencer, Olwethu Leshabane.

Watch below, to see what went down with Olwethu and the rest of the RHOJ cast: 

You have to sanitise my darling…🤷🏽‍♀️ #RHOJ

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The “sanitiser gate” sparked much debate on social media, so we decided to reach out to Olwethu Leshabane to get the scoop on the importance of sanitiser, and to get all the RHOJ tea.

GLAMOUR: Where did this idea/belief in sanitizer come from? 

Olwethu Leshabane: It’s not an idea really. It’s a fact that children pick up bacteria and germs. Years ago we weren’t exposed to half the diseases we are aware of now.  But it doesn’t mean we mustn’t sterilize toys, sterilize sandpits and wash and sanitize our hands. It’s still very necessary. Yes, some friendly germs help us. But we still have to limit ourselves and our children from contracting and being around germs that cause serious illnesses.

Something as simple as passing salt across a table with a hand that carries bacteria could end up in a night or two in the paediatric ward. What’s 5 seconds to sanitise, really, in the bigger scheme of things?

*[She makes a good point…]

G: What is your response to people that rate you should have just kept your baby at home? 

OL: The world is full of rapists and sexual predators, should women stay at home?

Honestly, we need to stop subjecting new moms to this ‘stay at home and don’t live because you’re now inconveniencing us’ nonsense. Let’s be more tolerant and understanding. Again, What’s 5 seconds to sanitize?

G: Is the show scripted? In other words, how real are the interactions between the ladies on the show?

OL: The interactions are very real! But one must be aware that this is TV. It doesn’t end at lights, camera and action – there’s editing. There are narratives, a story and follow through. So as much as these are glimpses into each of the individuals’ lives, it’s entertainment value too.

G: Will we be seeing more of you on the show? 

OL: Hmmmm… you’ll just have to keep watching. Lol!

*[We’re gonna take that as a yes!]

G: Who is your favourite housewife and why?

OL: This is a tough question because each woman brings a different aspect. I adore Brinette, she’s a very sweet soul! And Evodia/Madam has to be the most real and authentic in my eyes – she is as she is. That I love. And she’s honestly the sweetest ever!

* [Starts counting down the days until the next episode]

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