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RHOJoburg season 3 cancelled after alleged cast brawl

Fans of the “Real Housewives of Joburg “will be sad to know that season three of the reality show has been cancelled.

M-Net’s channel director for local entertainment channels, Nomsa Philiso, confirmed the discontinuation of the show due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

“M-Net confirms that season 3 of ’Real Housewives of Joburg’ has been discontinued at this time. This is due to unforeseen circumstances experienced during the production of the show,” said Philiso.

However, according to news site Sunday World the show was canned because fan favourite Christall Kay was allegedly being beaten up by Brinnette Seopela and Gugu Khathi in and outside a club in Pretoria while the show was in production.

Kay confirmed the attack on her to IOL Entertainment, however, attempts to get comments from both Seopela and Khathi were unsuccessful.

Kay said that she was caught off guard when sitting down in the club.

“The whole incident was very traumatizing. I had thought that everything was over, then out of nowhere Gugu came up to me and punched me in my eye. At the end of the day, it is just a show and I don’t know why they had to take it so far,” Kay said.

She continued: “Gugu Khati is the one who punched me in the eye resulting in a black eye.

“She did this when I was sitting down and there was no threat to her. I have evidence to prove this.

“She is scared over what she has done and is trying to make out a case against me.

“Charges are currently being laid against her. Brinette Seopela was with her the entire time aiding and abetting the attack on me.

“She also faces charges relating to this matter.

Khathi was quoted by Sunday World confirming the incident.

“I can confirm the incident happened, but what shocks is that fact that out of all the people in the club, how can Christall choose my name?

“There were too many people in that club, why does she pick me? Besties don’t do that to each other,” Khathi said.

* Should comments be made available by Khanti and Seopela, this article will be updated.

This article originally appeared on IOL

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