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Roxy Burger is having a boy

TV presenter and social media personality Roxy Burger is going to be a mom once again. And this time it’s a boy.

The E! Entertainment Africa host has been posting a variety of Instagram pictures showing off her pregnancy.

Burger first announced her pregnancy on May 27 by posting three beautiful pictures on her Instagram. She wittily captioned the pictures, “I’ve been baking... but it’s not banana bread 👩🏼‍🍳❣️🤪 (@reflection_9_ and I took these photos via remote access 👏🏼 thanks technology!).”


Since the announcement, Burger decided that she will post a lot of Instagram TV videos where she would talk about beauty, styling, pregnancy, motherhood and mental health awareness.


And chats to experts about the topics, giving her fans, followers and other mothers-to-be the opportunity to learn more about themselves during this special time.

Revealing the gender of her baby, Burger made a special gender reveal video.

Currently Burger is 38 weeks pregnant with just a few weeks to go until she gives birth. Judging by her most recent pictures, she still looks pretty fabulous.

Burger and her husband Neil Shraga who married in 2014 and celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in April are already parents to their beautiful toddler, Adrienne Zoey Shraga, who is just under three.

Check out some of her most watched videos here:

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