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These stylish influencers are getting us hyped for the Durban July

The Durban July is back and better than ever after a two-year hiatus. Known as Africa’s greatest horseracing event, the theme this year is Show Me Honey - adding another layer of opulence to the famously grand affair.

The theme can be interpreted in many ways - from the fluidity of honey, the colour of dripping gold, to the texture of a bee, its hive and more. With so much fashion and fun to look forward to this year, the Durban July will have you feeling like a queen bee, no matter what you decide to wear.

What we do know is that a host of stylish influencers, including Sarah Langa, Nadia Jaftha, and Linda Mtoba, to name a few, are already in their Queen Bee mentality, and are getting us hyped for the weekend ahead.

If you need some headwear inspiration, Linda Mtoba has us covered with her floral ‘fro creation. The pink and purple headpiece features a range of roses, peonies and blushing bride bouquets. She paired it with a simple white shirt, showing us that when it comes to dressing to the nines, one statement piece makes all the difference.

“The Durban July is BACK!! And there’s a new queen bee in town. Who do you think it could be?” she posted on Instagram.

When it comes to walking away with some cash in hand, Sarah Langa is showing us how to place a winning bet. In her clip on Instagram, she takes us through the Hollywood Bets website, and provides some encouragement to put our money on the winning horse.

As always Nadia Jaftha has us hyped for a poolside holiday in Durbs with bikini pics and sexy evening wear.

Whatever your vibe for the Durban July this weekend, it’s sure to be a fashion-filled, feel-good, luxury experience.

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