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Thin privilege is real, according to ThickLeeyonce

Everyone’s favourite body positive influencer, ThickLeeyonce is involved in yet another social media altercation. This time it’s Naomi K who’s at the receiving end of Lee’s wrath.

Here’s what went down:

In a post related to Bonang’s Distraction range, one of Yoncé’s followers tagged her in the promo post, petitioning her to create lingerie for big busted women. The body positive ambassador replied to the fan saying that manufacturing bra’s for fuller-busted women can often be expensive, but that retailers should nevertheless not overlook the demographic.

She also added:

It’s so easy for skinny women to come across as fashionable cos they have limitless options. As a fat woman, I can’t do last minute shopping for an event, I have to shop months in advance cos I have to go through many channels before getting decent clothes

— fat gal yonce (@ThickLeeyonce) March 27, 2018

Then, out of nowhere, Noami K butted into the conversation, with the following opinion:

This skinny/fat topic is getting tiring…

Skinny women have struggles too just like bigger women. A Confident WOMEN will wear whatever she wants and make it look as good as she wants. Can we drop such conversations 👎🏽

— K Naomi👑 (@KNaomi_N) March 27, 2018

The tweet had Black Twitter torn into two; on one hand, women agreed with ThickLeeyonce, and on the other hand skinny girls felt to come to Naomi K’s defense.

Later on, ThickLeeyonce sent Naomi K a DM and proceeded to share the receipts on her Instagram feed:

‪KNaomi’s tweet got a lot of people feeling it’s okay to attack me even more for being pro ALL BODIES and addressing fatphobia. I am abused online every single day & I can’t address it because ppl are tired of me talking about being body shamed. Whenever I speak about fat women’s struggle, I am told that it is getting old & I need to stop talking abt it bcz ppl are tired of hearing abt it. These “tired”ppl are the same ppl that are represented in everything. A woman with big breasts will go to 12 different shops and still not get a bra that fits her, and when she does get it costs 3 million and not even cute. A woman with small breasts, will walk into any store and find a bra for less than R200 in her size. A fat woman will settle for a pair of jeans dat aren’t stylish coz there’s nothing else. A smaller woman will walk into a store & find different types of jeans in her size. This is what we call “Thin privilege”, u are spoiled for choice, ur not told “Lose weight so that u can dress how uv always wanted to dress”. No one is disputing that smaller women have struggle, but we cannot place them on the same pedestal as fat women’s struggles. Smaller people are quick to dismiss fat peoples struggles the same way heterosexual people dismiss issues that affect gay & trans people. ‬ ‪The same way white people dismiss racial issues.‬ ‪The same way light skinned black people dismiss colorism. ‬ ‪The same way able people dismiss people with disabilities issues.‬ ‪The same way local people dismiss xenophobic issues. ‬ ‪The same way rich people dismiss poor peoples issues. ‬ ‪When it doesn’t affect you, it is “tiring” & u don’t want to hear about it for a long time because you see things from a privileged perspective. ‬ ‪I will never stop preaching about the importance of body positivity and representation until fat women, “ugly” women have the same freedom as mainstream women, so get tired all you want, I have a big following and I am going to use it to make a difference and to fight for the rights of those that are continuously discriminated against.‬

A post shared by fat gal yoncé(@thickleeyonce) on Mar 27, 2018 at 12:23pm PDT

Naomi K accepted defeat, and apologised in a tweet that read:

@ThickLeeyonce I hope my response didn’t seem rude 🙏🏽

— K Naomi👑 (@KNaomi_N) March 27, 2018

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