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This viral video shows an NYC TikToker clueless about Bonang Matheba

Instagram: @bonang_m

Media personality Bonang Matheba is without a doubt one of the most recognisable celebrities on the African continent

However, in the US, she isn’t. That was proved this past weekend when the star was out and about in New York City.

The city is now Bonang’s new home and the star has kept her fans informed on how she is settling in.

Nicholas Pinto remarked that he simply saw large crowds gathering in New York, which in itself, isn’t exactly a groundbreaking event.

But as he became aware of how many others were taking pictures, the youngster had to get himself involved – even if he wasn’t completely sure what all the fuss was about.

Pinto captioned the video with the following:

“Today, I saw tons of people taking pictures with this lady – so I did too ... I have no idea who she is though!”

Bonang, who is currently in the Hamptons, posted the video on her Instagram stories.


Tag her in the comments if u know her 😂 she had a british accent #england #timessquare

♬ Bananaphone - Raffi

Bonang relocated to the Big Apple in March this year.

Taking to social media at the time, she said she was not in South Africa because she had relocated.

Asked by a Twitter user where she was, Bonang said: “I've relocated ... go to my stories.”

Speaking to IOL Entertainment, Bonang’s management said she has moved to New York City, but will be based in the Big Apple and South Africa.

When the Queen B flew to NYC, she did not initially let fans in on why she was there, but posted a video on her Instagram stories of getting a Covid-19 vaccination.

In a video, a nurse administrating the vaccine pulls down Bonang’s sleeve, swabs her arm and says: “That’s good, relax that arm … all right here we go, one small step for mankind”, before injecting Bonang with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Original article appeared on IOL

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