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We reflect on DJ Zinhle’s healthy co-parenting relationship with AKA

DJ Zinhle and the late global superstar, Kiernan Forbes (AKA) raised the bar with their approach to co-parenting. And her touching tribute to the late rapper is testament to his impact, particularly on elevating the conversation around fatherhood.

Our July ‘22 cover star, DJ Zinhle, who shares eight-year-old daughter, Kairo, with the late musician Kiernan Forbes (AKA) penned a moving tribute to him on Instagram.

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This prompted us to reflect on her healthy co-parenting relationship with AKA. When we sat down with her for our cover story interview, she shared her refreshing perspective and advice to co-parents.

“I understand people have pain that may stem from a relationship that hasn’t worked out but, personally, I’m at a point where I’ve realised the effort is in conflict. Imagine how much of your energy it takes to hate someone, fight someone and curate responses compared to doing what you need to do and prioritising your child’s needs? Our focus is on our daughter. That’s where our relationship is at, and that’s easy.”

Affirming that she trusts easy energies, “Kiernan and I are both very clear about our common purpose, which is making life easy for Kairo, and if that means we just have to forget or forgive ourselves for anything that might’ve happened in the past, we need to do that so we can be the best we can be for our child.”

She acknowledges that it can be difficult but her advice to co-parents is to “heal and let go!” DJ Zinhle also shares that her experience of motherhood has changed now that she has two children. “I never thought I’d have kids, so having two is a miracle. I’m in it and trying to build a comfortable life for them. I’m not worried about them thinking I work too much; I’m just hoping they’ll understand why they were born into this family, their role, and how my relationship with them works. I trust my kids, though, and, luckily, we have the right people around us.”

About the bond between her daughters, she says Kairo is still settling into her big sister role. “I’m glad they’ll be able to learn from each other, but more than anything, I just want them to be able to find their own path in life, and fall in love with the things they like, be free and try things out.” Reflecting on her own childhood, she recalls always wanting to be around her late dad “because he spoke to me, and that made me feel loved. Not to say that my dad didn’t draw the line, but he spoke to me, and that’s the type of relationship I have with my kids. It’s open communication, and I engage them and ask for their opinions.” She clarifies she doesn’t spoil her daughters, but they definitely talk. “Kairo and I especially because I want to help her feel empowered and have the freedom to express herself.”




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