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6 Ways to ace minimalism

Kat van Duinen founded her Cape Town based-label in 2010, soon becoming known for sleek designs and exquisite fabrics. Here, her tips for nailing simple, sophisticated style.

1 Balance your colours

Today’s minimalism doesn’t mean sticking to pale pieces only. Try pairing a bold colour with a neutral one, to tone it down. Staples in grey, nude, black, white and navy blue are great, as these mix well with most other colours.

I also like mixing prints, but I keep things minimalistic by sticking to simple shapes with a consistent colour palette. For example, pair a blue and green print skirt with a block-colour

top in a similar shade.

2 Consider proportions

Cut is the key to a great minimalist ensemble. You want to balance the proportions of what you’re wearing. So if you’re donning a voluminous blouse, for example, pair it with a fitted pencil skirt. If you’re opting for a structured tulip skirt, soften it with a floaty top. And think about your figure: if you don’t have a defined waist, create one with a belt. If you’re blessed with endless legs, try a longer-length top with a low belt at your waist to elongate your torso.

3 Choose good fabrics

The way a garment moves and feels on your skin can make all the difference. I work with natural fibres like silk, wool, cotton and linen as they last longer and retain their shape for years. Plus, natural fibres allow your skin to breathe in hotter weather.

4 Pay attention to detail

Never underestimate the power of a great manicure, well-groomed hair and a phenomenal bag!

5 Take note: less is more

If you’re showing a lot of cleavage, choose a covered-up piece below. If you’re baring your legs, ensure that your top half is more conservative.

6 Invest in these pieces

Cigarette-leg trousers, a white top, rectangular dress, navy blazer, leather bag or clutch, and scarf are ideal basics.

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