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Birkenstock celebrates South African flair with locally-inspired summer campaign

This season, BIRKENSTOCK is launching its first ever locally-inspired summer campaign, blending German heritage with South African flair.

South Africa is a nation of colour, pattern, and texture, and the new summer campaign is inspired by the distinctive way that South Africans style their BIRKENSTOCK’s. It pays tribute to the love that local fans have shown the footwear brand.

Three local tastemakers: designer and co-founder of Moea Design Cassandra Twala, ImprintZA founder and creative director Mzukisi Mbane, and fashion disrupter and creative Yasmin Furmie, feature in the campaign, and bring their distinct flair and creativity to the campaign in an authentic way.

The trio of South African personalities were each selected for their unique style and creative contributions, and to showcase how they style their BIRKENSTOCK’s in a way that resonates with them.

Cassandra Twala, believes fashion and comfort go hand-in-hand, combined with a sense of timelessness and quality in material. “Things should be created to last,” she says.

She steps out in the Big Buckle Gizeh and Arizona, which are available in both nubuck and velvet. The Big Buckle Collection features this summer's hottest colours, fuschia and beryl, as well as BIRKENSTOCK’s classic colourways.

Image: Tatenda Chidora
Image: Tatenda Chidora

With his designs being featured in the likes of Vogue Italia and having graced international runaways, Mzukisi Mbane understands the value of localisation. “It is key for people to relate to a product in a language they understand,” he says.

Mzukisi’s style philosophy is that of being bold, confident, and comfortable, and this is reflected in his choice of the Arizona Desert Buck in sandcastle. This season’s Desert Buck Collection also features the Kyoto in sandcastle, black and burnt clay, as well as the Arizona in roast.

Image: Tatenda Chidora
Image: Tatenda Chidora

Then, the fabulous Yasmin Furmie defies all expectations. She believes the rest of the world is looking to South Africa for inspiration in all creative aspects of life: “We are so culturally diverse, yet somehow, we manage to fuse this diversity so beautifully. We can also tell stories in unique ways, especially in fashion.”

Yasmin makes the back-strapped Milano and close-toed Boston her own with distinctive, layered styling. Bright white, one of this season’s freshest colourways, is available in an array of styles and finishes, all with the iconic BIRKENSTOCK footbed.

Image: Tatenda Chidora
Image: Tatenda Chidora

Whatever your style, BIRKENSTOCK’s premium German-crafted shoes have remained steadfast and authentic in an ever-changing fashion industry since 1774, offering the best in style, support, and comfort.

Made In Germany. Made Um’Swenko Here. Shop the latest BIRKENSTOCK Summer Collection at BIRKENSTOCK stores and online at

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