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Dolce & Gabbanna presented their latest F/W 24/25 collection, Tuxedo at Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabbana unveils their latest F/W 24/25 collection titled Tuxedo at Milan Fashion week. The brand expounds on the inspiration behind the collection.

The tuxedo is the ultimate symbol of pure style.

For us, only style transcends fashion: the simpler a piece, a classic like the tuxedo, the more perfect it is, eternal, free from the constraints of time.

But style needs to be asserted, refined, renewed: nowadays we can create a tuxedo multiple times, improving it and making it different each time. It’s by perfecting essential pieces that we have created our personal and recognizable style: the Dolce&Gabbana woman can wear a tuxedo while always feeling fashionable, with its simple and rigorous lines that accentuate her femininity.

To us, designing a tuxedo means offering timeless elegance, deeply rooted in our sartorial culture. It means giving women a classic wardrobe that, escaping from current fashions, allows them to be more self-assured.

We have always found our style through women: our designs have never been abstract, but they are pieces that live and breathe on a woman’s body. We love fabrics such as nets, veils and lace that create transparencies on women’s bodies, and cuts that highlight their sensual forms. With our stylized pencil stroke, cut on white paper, we also dress the dreams, the ambitions and desires of the Dolce&Gabbana woman.

Ours is a love story with women, and through the tuxedo we are shaping women’s tailoring. A union of contrasts: masculine and feminine, austerity and seduction intertwine, allowing every woman the freedom to express her idea of style.

Black is the signature of the collection, lit up by precious dresses made of crystals: we love black because it asserts, designs and stylizes. Everything becomes simpler, linear, sartorial: a black suit is a pencil stroke, a pure line. It represents mystery.

The linear elegance and the sophisticated simplicity of the tuxedo highlight femininity: a woman in a tuxedo captivates through her elegance, ambiguity and seductive power.

Image Supplied: D&G F/W 24/25 Runway show
Image Supplied: D&G F/W 24/25 Runway show
Image Supplied: D&G F/W 24/25 Runway show
Image Supplied: D&G F/W 24/25 Runway show

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