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Glamour exclusive: Excelsior Lusso’s SS22 collection is inspired by tribal prints and an African gem

African luxury design house, Excelsior Lusso, prides themselves on creating beautifully-crafted garments interwoven with authenticity, freedom and expression of the modern African woman. Sustainability and fair trade form integral pillars of the brand while each garment is hand-made by in-house seamstresses using locally sourced and manufactured materials.

The brand recently launched their Spring/Summer 2022 collection, called Luhambo, inspired by the record-breaking diamond that was found in Excelsior, Free State in 1893.

The diamond was cut into 21 different stones of varying carats, thus the collection will comprise of 21 different ranges. Excelsior Lusso’s resort wear range is the first in this series.

Co-Founder Promise Mngomezulu chats Glamour SA about the collection, and the future of African luxury fashion.

1. African luxury is having a moment in the global fashion scene. Why do you think people are drawn towards it?

As Africans we are starting to appreciate and see the richness and beauty in our culture. We are embracing and exploring it and are eager to share the pure elegance and celebration of African luxury.

2. What makes something luxurious for you?

The craftsmanship, the sophistication, the pure comfort and the story behind it.

3. What trends in the African Luxury fashion space can we expect to see this year?

Choice of vibrant colours, prints and materials. Details and finishes using gems and stones. Silhouettes with a relaxed fit.

4. What inspired you when creating the SS22 collection?

This collection was inspired by one of the biggest diamonds that was found in Excelsior, Free State. The brand story has a 21-part series. The first part of the series is the Litema print which we drew inspiration from The Basotho people who reside in Excelsior.

5. This collection is called Luhambo, meaning “journey”. What is the meaning/symbolism behind this name?

The start of this brand is inspired by the theme of honesty, purity, a fresh start, searching within yourself and discovering the authentic human that you are. We are on a journey that makes sure that African people feel well represented and celebrated.

6. If you could describe the collection in three words, what would they be?

Comfortable, sophisticated, elegant

7. What is it about Excelsior Lusso that you think sets you apart from other luxury fashion brands?

As a brand of African luxury, we will always be exploring our culture and preaching confidence in the garments we create. We want to show people that luxury is not just the glitz and glam, but about the experience of culture and the greatest comfort of being who you are.

8. You’ve mentioned that the Excelsior Lusso woman is an “independent thinker, deeply rooted and loves the finer things in life”. Who would be your ideal woman to dress?

The likes of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Connie Ferguson, Zozibini Tunzi, to name a few.

Images: LIN

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