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South African luxury fashion designer, Thebe Magugu unveils his most ambitious project to date

Thebe Magugu has created Wax Print shirts available in 3 unique colours. Constructed in a luxurious Satin Viscose, each wax print can be customised to bear a personal image of a loved one complete with their name. Launching in a pre-order window from the 6th to the 22nd of October 2023, customers can log on to and upload an image of someone dear to them which Thebe Magugu will use to create a custom wax print exclusively for them, to be delivered from the 10th of December worldwide.

"At THEBE MAGUGU, we believe in preservation. I love the idea of wearing ones heart on the sleeve, and this project does that in a way that is both physical and symbolic. You can choose to honour and memorialise anyone who has left an impact on you - living or transitioned, blood or chosen”, says Thebe Magugu. The shirts, available to both men and women, will have three colour ways to choose from: Sky Blue, Candy Pink & Lime Green.

The Heirloom Shirts will also enjoy a size curve of Extra Small to Double Extra Large.

“As you know, African wax prints often have important historical figures printed all over it. However, I think so many times, history and its figures have always been imposed on to us, and I love the idea of taking back and empowering others to fashion their own history with their own key figures”, says Thebe Magugu, who emblazoned his own personal shirt with an image of his late grandmother Matiego Magugu, who is seen on the shirt praying. “Wearing it makes me feel protected and watched over by her, and I hope people choose subjects based off of emotional connection, because that is a function of a charm - a physical part representing a metaphysical whole”.


The Thebe Magugu site has been redesigned to reflect a portal that will generate a 3D Heirloom Blouse tailored to the specifications keyed in by the customer, giving an idea of the final product rendered as a preview. The Heirloom Blouse, which will be created in a Semi-Matte Satin, will be delivered from the 10th of December 2023 to all it’s respective buyers. “I’m so excited to be a witness to all your Heirlooms - see you all on the 6th, much love”


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