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5 Fashion faux pas that have become fashion trends

Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Fashion faux pas are a thing of the past as black and brown become the new “it” combo and jeans, blazers and shirts are being worn baggier than ever.

Fashion faux pas are the societal equivalent of burping in public. Enough to turn heads in disdain and have people taking.

From “hit or miss” lists in magazines to TV shows where celebrity outfits were critiqued, people are experimenting with style, and with the aid of social media, new trends are being born on the daily, spreading rapidly across oceans to reach new countries.

The outfit faux pas coming back in style prove that the world of fashion is ever evolving and today’s mistakes might become tomorrow’s next big thing.

5 fashion faux pas that are in style:

Over accessorizing

Coco Chanel once said: “When putting on accessories, take off the last thing you've put on.”

This has held true for many decades and has allowed statement pieces to shine through.

From large gold hoop earrings to chunky rings or a woven belt, when following this fashion rule, you allow your outfit to speak for itself.

However, with the ’90s and Y2K fashion trends making a big comeback we’re seeing everything from hair clips to anklets and everything in between booming in popularity.

These fashion pieces are also anything but subtle. Bold prints, sparkly glitter, unique textures and vibrant fabrics define this era – and so does the idea of more is more.

Hair adorned with feathers, hands full of rings, arms toting about baguette bags and sleek framed sunnies resting atop of the head are what it’s all about.

Brown and black

Who said the two glorious colours shouldn’t mix? The fashion world may have once frowned upon the pairing of brown and black, but today the combination is an absolute dream.

When these neutrals come together, the result is daring and shows that you aren’t afraid to experiment with your looks.

This runway-approved trend appeared in many fashion shows over the decades but it has only recently broken through to mainstream space after mainly dominating amongst celebrity and influencer circles. The classic hues are perfect for autumn and winter colour palette.

Underwear as a statement piece

Whether it's a boy band member donning low-slung jeans with the iconic wide band of Calvins peeking out or a lace bralette worn under a blazer, when it comes to underwear, it's growing to be an integral part of any outfit.

Garments traditionally reserved exclusively for beneath one's clothes as well as the boudoir were once risky statement pieces worn by celebrities to the club before being snapped by paparazzi and having their outfit splashed across tabloid magazines the next day.

Generally, it tended to be a high rise G-string thong that was stretched over the hips. Today, the trend has traded its trashy reputation for fashion forward and chic. Bustiers, slip dresses, bralettes, thongs, corsets and more are thriving within the fashion world.

Baggy, loose clothes

There was a time when “baggy” clothing suddenly went out of fashion and was replaced with skin-tight garments.

Everything had to be tailored and fit like a glove. Those loose-fitting jeans, oversized shirts layered with slouch knit vests were labelled “dated” as we moved forward with the likes of bandage dresses and the skinny jeans took over.

Despite this overturn, the distinct element of street style continued to dominate in certain clusters like the Urban Black American hip hop scene.

This streetwear style was so ahead of its time that major fashion brands have only recently caught up with it. In pop culture, the likes of the Olsen Twins turned heads whenever they donned anything oversized in the 2000s.

Now, icons like Billie Eilish have shown the world that fashion can be more about the person than the body that wears it.

Gen Z, who are immersing themselves in ’90s culture are discovering the trend for the first time and are loving everything from wide-leg pants to baggy sweat sets and blazers.

Socks with sandals

Socks and sandals were the definition of leisure wear. Perfect for running errands or fetching the mail, but not really something you’d wear to make a fashion statement.

From Virgil Abloh‘s Louis Vuitton from 2017 to Birkenstocks, Crocs and heeled strappy numbers, socks are being purposefully worn with outfits.

Last year when the pandemic hit, there was greater focus on comfort and outfits like sweatpants and comfy hoodies became our staple uniform for the lockdown. As surprising as this trend is, it certainly has a place in 2021.


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