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8 Outfit mistakes that make you look messy

You're all set for that big job interview, date, or presentation so making a good impression is important. On regular days we can let tiny outfit mishaps slide. But when you absolutely need to look your best, you have to pay attention to the little things.Avoid becoming a victim to these sneaky outfit saboteurs by following these tips…


Lint and animal hair

Lint and animal hair can stand out, especially on dark coloured clothes. This is where lint rollers come in handy. If you’ve got pets, you should keep one in your car and one in your bag in case you need to tidy up in a hurry. If you don’t have a lint roller, some tape will suffice.


Sheer fabrics

Thin, gauzy skirts are a great addition to your wardrobe. But make sure they don’t go completely transparent when you’re backlit. Some fabrics look opaque in the dim light of morning - but by the time you’re heading out for lunch, the light shines right through them. To avoid this unflattering mishap be sure to wear leggings underneath.


Clothes With Rips & Frays

Wear and tear to your clothes (especially your faves) always creeps up on you. Because you wear them so often, you tend not to notice when they slowly start to get damaged. Small rips, holes and frays can go from a minor flaw to a deal breaker when it comes to clothing. A tailor may be able to help you with hems and holes. And adding some cute patches can conceal minor rips.



Let’s be honest – no one enjoys ironing. Depending on the type of fabric, you can occasionally get away with wearing something straight out of the dryer. Still, creased clothes can throw off your entire image. If you need to look your best, set aside a few minutes to iron your outfit.



Accessories are essential to completing your outfit. A single necklace can add a dash of elegance. Or a scarf can pull your entire outfit together. Avoid piling on too many accessories to glam up a simple outfit. An ideal accessory will be eye-catching and appropriate for the occasion. Don’t worry about being too plain. Remember, less is more.


Wearing hair ties as bracelets

Tempting and convenient as it is, wearing hair ties on your wrists ha s never really been okay. Hair tie bracelets look scrappy and they’re simply not necessary. Keep a few in your car, your bag, and anywhere else you might need them.


Wearing ill-fitting clothes

Nothing can kill your style quite as fast as a blouse that’s too big or pants that are too tight. Even if the clothes feel comfortable - if they don’t fit, don’t wear them. Always remember that different clothing manufacturers size their garments differently. If you’re a size 6 at one store, you might be a size 12 somewhere else. Learn to trust the fit, not the tag. And take the time to try on clothes before you buy them (that applies to shoes too).


Not taking care of your nails

A manicure can turn nails from cute to cringe-worthy in a matter of seconds. All it takes is a single chip in the polish. Although keeping a perfect manicure for more than a week or two is practically impossible, you can increase its lifespan by applying a gel finishing coat to your nails.

No matter your body type, profession, personal taste, or preference, it is possible to look and feel good without having to change your entire style, much less who you are at your core.

It’s always the little things that make all the difference.

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