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Meet Robyn Agulhus: The brains behind tech-and-Tokyo-inspired brand SinChui

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

29-year-old Goodwood native Robyn Agulhus is the brains (and visionary) behind SinChui designs, the quirky and futuristic high-fashion streetwear brand launched in 2019.

Robyn grew up watching her grandmother behind a sewing machine, absorbing nostalgic images of her in Sixties fashion in the streets of District Six. As a child she was interested in anime and art, hip-hop culture and the evolution of technology in Tokyo, Japan.

Later, while completing her Textile Technology Studies, she blended these interests to create her Graduate Collection, which has now become her thriving brand.

Robyn with Zaid Osman centre and fellow members of the Chivas Venture programme. Image Supplied

However, her success did not come without obstacles. Robyn initially failed her studies and had to repeat the year. She decided to enroll in a short course at a fashion school to occupy her time, and within minutes of her being there, was awarded the Fashion Design bursary that changed her life. Her creative spark grew into a towering inferno and thus, her streetwear aesthetic was born.

Nowadays, Robyn is taking her fashion design talent to the next level. She is one of four apprentices under Zaid Osman, founder of streetwear brand Grade Africa, in the creation of A-Grade - a nine-piece capsule collection that will contribute to growing the local fashion and textile industry.

Since joining the Chivas Venture programme, Robyn has been able to see her vision of making a difference in communities come to life. She brings a nostalgic element from her school days into the capsule collection - something that everyone can relate to.

A locally-made streetwear brand inspired by technology and art? Sign us up.

There’s an old Japanese quote that goes “Vision without action is a daydream”. It’s clear that Robyn Agulhas is in motion and we can’t wait to see what else she has on the horizon.

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