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The Jumpsuit Is Getting A High-Fashion Makeover For 2024: Here’s How To Elevate Yours

Occasionally during fashion month, something hits the runway that is so captivating it forces even the most iPhone-addicted editor to glance up from their screen. Sometimes it’s a theatrical flourish, such as Coperni’s spray-on gown or Jun Takahashi’s light-up dresses. Other times it can simply be the quiet allure of a beautifully cut blazer or an immaculately crafted shoe. For spring/summer 2024, my personal stand-out moment was a seemingly simple jumpsuit from Saint Laurent.

Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic ’70s Saharienne jacket, these utilitarian all-in-ones came with a boxy top-half, belted waist and a slouchy, pocketed trouser leg. It combined power dressing, elegance and Parisienne nonchalance in a single lustworthy garment, which is no mean feat. A longtime jumpsuit fan, I hardly needed convincing of its appeal, yet there was something about the way this one-piece was presented and styled – with pointed heels and chunky costume jewellery – that felt so fresh, and in turn, made me want to dig out my old favourites.

Perhaps it was the floor-grazing length or the design’s unexpected polish, or maybe it was the clever balancing of XXL shoulders with a cinched-in waist. Whatever it was, it worked. But what does this mean for our real world wardrobes, away from the fashion week runway? It means it’s time to dig out that old jumpsuit and give it a fresh update for 2024.

While you could certainly give something you already own that Saint Laurent twist (try a cinching belt, or elevating the look with a heeled boot and big earrings), if you’re looking to invest in a new piece, then we recommend buying secondhand from sites such as Etsy, Hardly Ever Worn It or eBay. Try searching for “vintage utility boilersuit” or “vintage coverall”. Taller girls may want to consider looking at the men’s offering if in search of that full-length slouch.

Scroll down to see how we’re refreshing our jumpsuits for 2024.

Utility jumpsuit + colour pop roll-neck + combat boots

Vintage jumpsuit + sneakers + crossbody bag

Denim jumpsuit + blazer + biker boots

Beige jumpsuit + gold jewellery + heeled boot

This article was originally published on Vogue UK.

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