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5 Reasons We Love Our Wellness Issue Cover Star, Thando Thabethe

Our Wellness Issue just dropped featuring the indomitable Thando Thabethe. Affectionately known as “Thabooty” the multi-hyphenate star is making waves in the media space. There are many reasons we love her, here we list five.

She’s a trailblazer

Thando has managed to build an empire from the ground up, and it’s been inspiring to witness. Her work ethic and commitment to her craft set her apart as simply a force. “I think my role is to affirm that all your dreams can become a reality. I started from the ground up, and being able to see the mini empire I’ve built many years later is truly, I hope, inspirational and motivational.”

Her philanthropic spirit

She uses her platforms to give back and effect change. As early as 2016, she launched the Thando Thabethe Netball challenge. Channelling the proceeds to raise funds for women and children in shelters. Asserting that it’s important to make a positive impact in the lives of the people that you’re able to reach, and understanding that you can achieve this through the different platforms you occupy. “I also think it’s important to use my platform on radio to try to make an impact; we did that through something called ‘Back to Reality’ at the beginning of the year where we had a woman’s life completely changed. It’s also thanks to the community of listeners that we have at 947.”

Photography: Themba Mbuyisa

She is intentional and inspirational

Letting us in on her approach to storytelling, she says that she’s very fortunate to be able to sit and entertain on multiple platforms. “I think my role is to affirm that all your dreams can become a reality. I hope I teach people to laugh at themselves and not take life too seriously but also to take command of their own lives and be in control of their own destinies.”

Her impeccable comedic timing

On screen, Thando dabbles between comedy and drama, and if you’ve been following her career since she made her on screen debut on the SABC 1 comedy show, My Perfect Family, you’ll agree that her comedic timing is impeccable. About her creative process, she says, “you arrive at a role, and start to embody it. And if it requires you to play like in a comedy series, it’s not as easy as it always looks. Comedic timing is something very tricky and takes time to completely master, but it also brings out a very playful nature in yourself, which I enjoy.”

Photography: Themba Mbuyisa

She prioritizes her wellness

About her approach to wellness, Thando shares that she loves the outdoors. “I recently completed a cross triathlon, and I have plans to participate in the Two Oceans Marathon. Prior to that, I took part in Ride Joburg. Setting these goals gives me motivation to work hard in the gym. I attend CrossFit at least three times a week.” Affirming that having a goal is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “I genuinely enjoy eating good, healthy food and am a bit pedantic about it.”

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