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A snapshot of our cover story featuring Tyla

Grammy-nominated artist, Tyla Seethal is geared for success. Her single, 'Getting Late' earned her a seat at the table, and the follow up 'Water' from her debut EP catapulted her to stardom. She lets us in on her personal music journey as well as her meteoric rise to celeb status.

It’s a beautiful day in Cape Town when I make my way to the Photo&Film Studio in Wembley for our Glamour Hair cover shoot. Our Cover star, Tyla, has flown in from Joburg. I notice that her energy is low when she arrives and I introduce myself as soon as she settles into the makeup chair. Within minutes, she transforms right in front of our eyes. There’s a notable shift in her energy when she spots International Marketing Manager, Amanda Carpede who is on set to support the superstar on behalf of Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils. Theirs is a relationship that started on social media when the brand noticed Tyla was tagging them on her posts. On shooting her shot, Tyla says Aunt Jackie's played a significant role in her natural hair journey, and her sisters too. This speaks to the impact and evolution of the partnership.

Amanda's energy is infectious, and from their interactions, it's clear that they share a mutual love and respect. The hair care brand which is founded on the principles of community, embodies this far beyond its personal offering. Not only did Amanda show up but she came bearing gifts; Tyla's favourite products from the new range, for her and her sisters. She's visibly excited; feeding off Amanda's energy, she has a spring in her step as she makes her way to our fashion director, Luke Diva for herfirst look. “I was tired when I walked in but I feel more energetic now, my tribe is here, the music is playing and I’m ready to shoot.” This is her moment, and she's brought her A-game.

Image: Captured by Niquita Bento

Flashing lights…

Her confidence fills the space as she glides onto set; the cream outfit hugs her tightly; accentuating her petite figure. She’s serving Goddess energy with a gorgeous mane toboot.“I love the hair, I’ve never done an eye like this before.” She possesses star power, and in this moment, her sensuality is her superpower…her personality shines through and translates well on camera. Moving effortlessly between takes with little direction, I’m wondering what this speaks to. “I feel like it just switches on when the camera’s there and I’m dressed for it. It’s the same with my stage persona, something switches on inside and I get into character.” This takes me back to drama school days which prompts me to ask if she studied drama, “yes, I did but I’m not acting, I’m channelling a different version of myself.” Her hair is definitely contending for the spotlight. Fully aware of this, she says she’s excited and shares that this has been her energy since she saw the moodboard, “it’s my first time experimenting with different hairstyles as well as makeup. I’m also excited for my next look.”

It takes a glam squad...

This look is everything so I literally have to stop time and zoom in... Enter Kelvin Takudzwa, the hairstylist… “I’ve been working with Tyla since her first single so she trusts me with her looks.” Speaking to the 80s-inspired look, he says he enjoyed putting it together. I added a wig to achieve the full look and I’m happy with how it came together. From a face beat perspective, makeup artist, Raine Tauber says when working with a celebrity, it’s always important to reflect who they are as a person and stay true to that. “And we definitely wanted to inject a little bit of fun and spring, so we went with that really beautiful shade of cyan blue, and I think that’s such a fine pop of colour against something natural.” About the skin and the bronzing on it, she says they kept it glowy and Goddess-like.

In the spotlight...

In real time, the gorgeous star is ready for her second look and we pick up our conversation. Earlier she mentioned that she studied drama, was it at an art school? “Definitely an extra mural! My parents never really allowed us to do things outside of school, they were quite protective so I would be at school from the morning until late in the evening doing drama or choir.” So when did Tyla realise that she wanted to pursue a career in music? “I used to sing even before I knew I could, my mom pointed it out when I was eight which made me sing even more.” Considering that her mom picked up that she could sing, I’m wondering if she’s from a musical background, “I have a lot of family that can sing, even though my parents don’t sing. They love music though, and that’s how I fell into it.”

The mane event…

The relationship we have with our hair is largely influenced by the context we exist in, so I’m curious about her hair journey. “I’ve always loved my hair, curls and all. And I’ve always been open to trying out new hacks.” Sharing that she recently cut her hair, she says she woke up one morning and decided to try a new style. “I think it looks cute!” I ask her if she’s ever felt any pressure to look a certain way because it was required of her at the time, “I went to a predominantly white primary school so I always felt the need to straighten

this one too, and all her siblings use Aunt Jackie’s as a result.” What does she want her hair to say about her? “I want my hair to represent my personality; I’m not boring, I like trying new things. I feel people need to explore more with their hair and their look, have fun and not be so serious. My hair definitely adds to my persona; when it’s curly, I feel more cute, and when I have braids, I feel sexy – it changes all the time!’’

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