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An unexpected end to S2 of The Wife

Image: Multichoice
Image: Multichoice

The explosive season, which sparked conversations around family, love and loyalty has come to an abrupt end. Fans of the show camped on the Showmax website, expecting new episodes but it became apparent at the crack of dawn that we had reached the end of the season.

Sparks were flying as Season 2 of the popular show drew to a close. Just when we thought Qhawe had finally found his happily ever after with the gorgeous Dr, Naledi, unknown men stormed in, ruining the perfect proposal.

We have so many questions, and these are just some reactions from Tweeps who were expecting new episodes to drop...

Seeing as it’s Thursday, we decided to do a young throw back, reflecting on our season highlights.

The epic proposal

As the brothers went head to head for the chairperson position, Nkosana was also putting out flames on the home front. Determined to save his relationship with Zandile, he professed his undying love in the presence of loved ones with a heartfelt proposal. The lovebirds sealed the priceless moment with a kiss to the soulful sounds of Luyas featuring Thabani Dube. (Who else shed a tear?)

Friendship goals

The friendship between Mandisa and Zandile blossomed into a sisterhood right before our eyes. It was heart-warming to the see the two ladies show up for each other, also becoming partners in crime. We just hope Mandisa’s secret won’t cause a rift between them considering that it has also put a strain on Mandisa’s relationship with Nqoba. Hlomu and Zandile have also grown close and we love to see it!

Hlomu’s pregnancy glow

It was good to see the original wife sporting a smile and pregnancy glow. We’re also happy that Hlomu and Mqhele have found their way back to love considering that it’s been a rocky ride for the couple. All thanks to Langa, they’ll have memories of this special time in their lives, and a picture frame to boot.

Letting sleeping dogs lie

Love and forgiveness were the central themes this season, with Mqhele and Qhawe agreeing to bury their hatchet. Even though the unexpected turn of events between Zandile and her dad left us reeling with shock, the moment of reconciliation at the alter is still unmatched.

Naledi’s introduction to the show

The chemistry between Naledi and Qhawe is undeniable, and her introduction gave us Qhawe like we’ve never seen him before. We saw a glimpse of his romantic side when he fell for Hlomu but his interactions with Naledi left us in our feels. Here’s to hoping their love story continues in Season 3...

Image: Mutlichoice

And of course, the Zulu brothers!!!

Image: Multichoice

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