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Women In Business: Kelly Robinson a residential broker you should know

Kelly Robinson is a high-class residential broker who operates from New York City in the United States of America. She has been in the business for 15 years and began running her team in 2011.

Kelly can offer entrepreneurs across sectors a few tips on how to go about with their businesses. Since the novel Coronavirus emerged over a few months ago, millions of people - more so self-employed – are economically the hardest hit.

The experienced residential broker says things have “certainly” been different for a lot of people across industries. She says she had to connect with clients via online channels to be at hand when it came “to answering questions and sell property features.”

“The state of New York allowed for virtual notarizations so that properties could still close. Everything was done virtually and I think going forward, this experience will help streamline a very antiquated industry (especially in New York City). So, I guess that’s the light at the end of the tunnel," she said.

The renowned real estate broker says although there is no cure yet for the novel various, things are now looking much more different than before as New York City authorities under Governor Andrew Cuomo relaxed some of the COVID-19 regulations last month.

She was however quick to point out that they were still essential guidelines that people had to adhere to when they met for property showcasing.

In an Exclusive interview with GLAMOUR, Kelly has revealed all the deeds in the industry and gives few tips on how to become a successful businesswoman especially in the challenging property industry.

GLAMOUR: In your career that spans for more than a decade, what have you picked up as valuable weapon/best practices?

Kelly Robinson (KR): Always be authentic. Always under-promise and over-deliver. Communicate in the style that is preferred by the client. You have to be a chameleon and change to meet people’s needs. I’m also a negotiation nerd. I have a coach and have taken every course/certification out there. I believe in a good negotiation, everyone wins.

There is no winner or loser and you approach the other side with empathy. You listen, label, and mirror to get as much information as you need. The best outcome is when the other side, through negotiation techniques, comes up with your idea or goal all on their own.

GLAMOUR: What does it take to be a realtor and what does one need to do to succeed?

KR: Grit. Have you ever read the book by Angela Duckworth? It’s great. You need energy, ethics, genuine compassion, and empathy and you need a thick skin. Rejection is a huge part of the game due to the amount of competition and you must be able to handle that graciously and without getting down on yourself. Perseverance. They say you need to “touch” a lead 6 times to get a response. It’s more like 12 in real estate and it can take months to a year to close a prospect to work with you.

You have to give people items of value, information that helps them, and not just bombard them with calls and emails. It’s a strategy that needs to be honed. Many people get into this business seeking instant gratification. It’s not about that. It’s about the long game, building a pipeline, treating clients’ goals and needs as if they were your own.

GLAMOUR: Thanks for enlightening us, we now understand being this career requires consistency and tough skin, so what would you advise upcoming realtors especially those who may have been badly affected by the instability of the markets, and what should they be doing now?

KR: My advice would be to remind themselves that this is a temporary situation we are in. The market will bounce back and the tough times should be considered a “skill market” or a time to hone your skills and get creative so that you can clean up when things bounce back. Always take care of past clients. They are your sounding board and biggest fans.

GLAMOUR: We understand that your clientele includes high profile sports, entertainment people, would you mind telling us who among these are some of your most valuable clients and how was working with them like?

KR: Discretion is very important to me as well as my high-profile clientele. I’ve worked with NFL players, household names in many industries, and huge music stars. I sign NDA’s. So, unfortunately, I can’t drop names and even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. Their home is their escape from the paparazzi and everyone outside wanting a piece of them. They should be able to find solace in knowing their real estate professional cares about that. Occasionally a doorman or someone who sees them go into a building will tip off the press. My answer is always “no comment”.

GLAMOUR: Give us three things that most people would likely not have known about you?

KR: I just started playing golf and I’m obsessed! I did missionary work in a third world country when I was 12. I have a start-up that I am launching on the side (serial entrepreneur).

GLAMOUR: What should people who are now looking at investing in property look for?

KR: Low monthly costs (HOAs, maintenance, taxes) and history of rent in the building that gives them a rate of return above 3%. They should also focus on opportunity zones if they are a developer.

GLAMOUR: What is your pick me up motto when you are faced with challenges?

KR: Nothing worth having comes easy.

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