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Everything about Chef Katlego Mlambo’s new show

The set is so romantic, so futuristic and the food is out of this world. It is fine dining brought to you by Katlego with an African touch. The show shows you what goes into making one perfect plate.

I am celebrating being African as well. I am using like amasi, skopo, cow heart – things I grew up eating.

I’m taking these humble ingredients that people look down on and I am transforming them into something that is beautiful.

What's your favourite ingredient to use in a dish?

I love being South African. We have so many influences, there are no rules and boundaries. You can add spiciness and sweetness.

I love celebrating South African ingredients. One of my favourite ingredients I use on the show is beef tongue.

I grew up eating it a certain way, but in the show I cook it with a lot aromatics and herbs, stock, wine and garlic for 15 hours.

So you can imagine how tender this tongue is. For me its a humble ingredient, along with skopo (sheep head).

What is your all time favourite dish and the memories that come with it?

I am a very simple guy. I love my granny’s pap and mogodu (tripe). As a kid, when we cooked the tripe it smelled, and it was dirty.

I had to do the washing and hated every moment of it but when gogo cooks it – it tastes amazing. I think she is the best cook in the world.

What's in the pipeline for you and your food journey?

The world is my oyster. I want to change the world, one plate at a time. I’ve been very blessed to have this opportunity to be on the Food Network Channel; we want a second and third season.

We want a cookbook, we want to put SA cuisine on the map. The day Michelin stars arrive in Africa, I want to be the first South African black chef to get it and that is the goal. This is just the beginning.

I want people to fly in from around the world to come and eat at my restaurant.

There are so many Katlego’s out there that need someone to look up to and I want to be the one creating the next generation of black chefs who take over the world.

‘Inside Job with Chef Katlego Mlambo’ airs on the Food Network, Saturdays at 7pm.

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