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Refreshing mocktail recipes

Whether you’re slowly going sober by choice or lockdown technicalities, here are three mocktail recipes guaranteed to keep you refreshed.

Orange blossom mocktail

Glass: Highball


½ cup orange tangerine juice

½ cup sparking apple juice

½ cup natural ginger ale

8 – 10 drops Angostura aromatic bitters


Combine ingredients in a small jug and stir. Serve over ice or straight up. Enjoy!

Lemon, lime & bitters

Glass: Highball


30 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

22 ml sugar syrup

22 ml lime cordial

6 – 8 dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters


Garnish: fresh lemon or lime wedge


Add Angostura aromatic bitters, then ice. Add lemon juice, lime cordial and sugar syrup. Top up with lemonade. Garnish by squeezing the lemon/lime wedge into the drink and serve.

The classic rock shandy

Glass: Highball glass


165 ml soda water

165 ml lemonade

4 – 6 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters

Garnish: Fresh Lemon or lime wedge


Build ingredients over ice, dash with Angostura aromatic bitters, stir and garnish with a lime wedge and serve.

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