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5 ways to reduce your sugar intake

The Pura Soda team share their list of daily habits to adopt to help you reduce your sugar intake and live happier and healthier this Summer.

“Even when we are trying to be on our best behaviour, we can quite unknowingly choose foods that are exceptionally high in sugar. Pre-made wraps, sandwiches and even salads, can all contain high levels of sugar, mostly due to sauces and marinades they contain. And it doesn’t stop there, seemingly healthy cereal or protein bars, pre-made soups and even bottled smoothies are also all high in sugar and are actively working against any aim to keep one’s sugar intake low,” explains Greig Jansen, founder and CEO of the Pura Beverage Company.

Take a look at their five simple tips to reduce your sugar intake below.


Skip processed foods

Don’t try cut corners by consuming pre-packed sandwiches, pies and take-aways for lunch. These, more often than not, contain artificial flavours, colourants, emulsifiers and loads of sugar. Rather take those extra minutes to make yourself a veggie-filled and healthy protein-rich wrap, salad, or bowl. This tip works well with fridge leftovers.


Make your own flavoured yoghurt

The words low fat or naturally sweetened make you think they’re healthy, but flavoured yoghurts are often swimming in sugar. Ditch these by creating your own, using plain or natural full-fat yoghurt. Simply add your own healthy flavour by adding fresh berries, a teaspoon of honey, cinnamon or banana.


Re-think your drink

Traditional sodas, energy and sports drinks, bottled smoothies and flavoured coffees are all easily accessible in and around the workplace but contain eye-watering amounts of sugar. Make it harder for yourself to reach for these by packing sparkling water, herbal tea or a low sugar soda alternative like Pura Soda.

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Cut out those ‘health’ bars

They’re seemingly the perfect snack, but they can sometimes contain just as much sugar as their chocolate bar rivals. Replace those granola, cereal and protein bars with healthier alternatives like a handful of nuts, a hard-boiled egg or fresh fruit.


Avoid sauces

They taste great but sauces like BBQ, sweet chilli, salad dressing and good old tomato sauce have shocking sugar contents. Even though some of these have lower sugar options, rather look to other tasty alternatives to flavour your food. Great examples include fresh or dried herbs and spices, fresh chilli, yellow mustard, vinegar and pesto.


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