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Our fav’s Starbucks are coming to Cape Town

Starbucks South Africa will extend its presence to Cape Town later this year.

This was announced by the owner and CEO of Rand Capital Coffee, the custodian of Starbucks in Southern Africa, Adrian Maizey.

In a statement, Maizey said that they remain committed to their expansion strategy and vision, which is to provide all South Africans with an extraordinary experience and offering, from both a customer and partner perspective, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Starbucks’ launch into Cape Town was initially intended to happen in June. When Covid-19 hit we had to place the initiative on hold, triggering several hard decisions that impacted all partners, and a mass round of lease renegotiations across the country.

“Fortunately, we have resilient partners and we are grateful to those landlords who share our vision and commitment to contribute to the South African economy, and who have worked closely with us to help ensure our expansion was only delayed and not cancelled. It is during such a time of crisis that the importance of collaboration between all stakeholders for the greater good, is most apparent,” he said.

The company revealed that Rand Capital Coffee’s expansion journey will initially result in at least fifty permanent new jobs, with the further employment of local artists, construction contractors, and artisans.

“Behind the strong Starbucks brand, is its employees. Our business is strong because of our store partners who have shown up in support of one another and our business in tough times. They will be the ones who take Starbucks South Africa to the next level, and who will be the drivers behind the South African public’s growing passion and enjoyment of this incredible brand.

“The Cape Town stores will offer an experience consistent with the values and store atmosphere that Starbucks is known for globally, designed to reflect the most beautiful city of them all,” said Maizey.

He added that they are humbled and delighted to introduce the Starbucks experience to customers in Cape Town and hope that their store will become not only a destination for an exceptional coffee but also a gathering place for the local community.

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