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Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer is the new summer drink of choice

Tease your tastebuds this summer with Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer, the perfect blend of alcohol and flavoured sparkling water.

Just in time for the festive season, Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer has arrived in South Africa after the new drink of summer 2021 was launched across the globe on shores that include the USA, Australia, Asia and Europe. Mzansi is hyped about the arrival of the new, fresh taste and about being one of the first markets to savour its light taste notes and subtle aromatic twists.

To announce the arrival of Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer, the brand campaign features local influential sisters, Thobeka and Yoliswa Mqoco to inspire us to enjoy the beauty of contradiction. Inspired by their timeless and unique creative edge, the ‘[BE] The Perfect Contradiction’ campaign focuses on reimagining the familiar and tapping into a gritty and authentic feel that welcomes the unexpected.

Thobeka Bonolo Mqoco

“My sister and I are a perfect contradiction, similar but very different. The brand celebrates creativity, originality and being your authentic self no matter how you express it,” says Yoliswa.

Thobeka says life and who they are is all about celebrating the contradictions. “There’s no need to be boxed in, and embracing your contradictions inspires creativity. The Topo Chico™ brand fits into every lifestyle. This is an exciting campaign that welcomes inclusivity, deliciously.”

Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer comes in three exciting tropical fruit flavours and has 4.7% alcohol by volume. The flavours include Tangy Lemon Lime, Pineapple Twist and Tropical Mango.

Emerging Categories Director of Coca-Cola’s Africa Operating Unit, Natasha Chetty, shared that they believe Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer will be successful in South Africa and offer consumers choice.

Yolisa Mgoco and Thobeka Bonolo Mqoco

“Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer is a fantastic addition to our growing portfolio. It builds on our strategy to diversify our range as part of our aspiration to become a Total Beverage Company, providing the drinks that our customers and consumers want, serving more occasions and channels.”, said Chetty.

Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer is packaged in a sophisticated metallic sheen and contrasting colours reflecting its primary launch flavours. It is available in select outlets and e-commerce sites.

Please enjoy it responsibly. Not for Persons Under the Age of 18.

For more information about Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer and to join the #PerfectContradiction conversation, follow Topo Chico™ Hard Seltzer on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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