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ATT🚨: All bookworms - GLAMOUR is here for the rescue

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Been having lockdown fatigue from not being able to get your hands on the book you were so eager to read. Struggling to keep your book club interested in the actual book and less on distractions. Well we are here to help. We have rounded up 4 books we are currently loving which you can order online or get in store with the new lockdown regulations (finally). 

Let’s face it having access to eBooks is great and all but the feeling you get opening a new book for the first time. Feeling the page texture as you grip through the suspense and can’t seem to put your book down. But best of all is the smell of the pages. 

Holding a book makes you part of the story. It is more inactivating being able to turn page for page, not waiting to get to the end - in comparison to swiping on a tablet to get to your next page. 

If you love crime, thriller, the journey through addiction and... well if we could call it a “ self-help” book you will love these reads. 

-Calm the F**k Down by Sarah Knight


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Sarah the ‘anti-guru’s’ No Worries Method is the perfect antidote to those who suffer from anxiety and self-doubt. 

She tells you exactly what you need to hear it even if you know it is true and want it sugar coated and someone to feel sorry for you, this is where Sarah comes in aggressive and assertive and tells you to grow the f***k up let it go and carry on with your life. In this book I have learnt a lot of life lessons from being assertive myself in doubtful situations or if I find myself worrying about something out of my control – I simply now stop worrying and realize it is out of my control.

Sarah’s writing is so raw, blunt and to the point that it is a page turner and I was unable to put it down. However Sarah delivers her message with humor and snark as well as kindness here and there. 

At first you might think she is too assertive but it is to help you realize what you already know. Sarah delivers her assertiveness in a way that it sticks in your brain.

-Vanishing Girl by Lauren Oliver

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Dara and Nick are two sisters who are inseparable and the unimaginable happens. They get into a very bad car crash which dents their relationship. Nick blamed herself for the crash and does not remember what happened and in the process distance grew between Nick and her which she did not understand.

The sisters went on a down ward spiral and Nick found out the unspeakable about Dara’s secret life. A local girl goes missing and Nick hopes to solve it by digging deeper into Dara’s secrets.

This is a suspense mystery book and at the same time a thriller that you think knows how it is going to end but it gets a complete unexpected twist that leaves you speechless and wanting more. This is a book that you cannot put down. 

-Black Eyed Susan by Julia Heaberlin

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Tessa was left for death by the man she refers to as “my monster” with a bunch of human bones and corpses.  She refers to herself as ‘the lucky one’ out of the four Black Eyed Susans. She was berried alive and barely survived. This was eighteen years ago. “My monster” is on death row and about to be sentenced when she realizes she is not sure it is actually him who ruined her life. She starts getting black eyed daisies planted in her garden which was layered on her ‘grave’. She is terrified the real “monster” is still out there, taunting her and she fears for her daughters life as well as her own.

She never co-operated in therapy after it the incident happened to her and had terrible PTSD however she feels she is now ready to try to look back at her past for the first time and help solve the mystery.

This is a thrilling book and very captivating as Tessa takes us on a journey to a very dark place, her past she once tried to forget.

-Clean by Juno Dawson

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Clean is a young adult novel which is about Lexi and her lifestyle of sex, drugs and alcohol which leads to her downward spiral and an overdose. This leaves her brother no choice but to book her into the most luxurious rehab without her parents knowing in hopes she will recover before they notice she is gone. Her father is one of the most wealthy business men which does not help her habit as she has money at her unlimited dispense.

Her boyfriend is her worst drug of choice and prevents her from getting the help she needs. This book keeps you on edge with her experience in rehab, her reluctancy to recovery and her almost death experience that makes her realize she finally has a problem and gets the coping mechanisms and life lessons to be able to live a substance free life.  

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