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Glamour Women’s Month Series: Getting to know Mi'chal Naidoo

Cosmetic Graduate, Digital Influencer and Founder of Piyore (pronounced “pure”) Beauty and For Her Future Fund Mi’chal Naidoo’s brand is formulated in the heart of Johannesburg

They are a small business aiming to make a big difference. They take pride in knowing that with their experience and expertise, as a brand they are able to bring their consumer products that they will love – and want to share. Pi'yore is a brand that encourages self-care and an appreciation for who you are, and a brand that’s also physically making a difference in the lives of those who support them.

Which woman has positively impacted you in your career/business? And what is the one lesson she taught you?

One of my best friends/sister, Arlene August. She is one of the wisest people I know and she’s built such an empire for herself. She’s taught me that fear shouldn’t stop you from building your dreams. Always pray and ask God for guidance and nothing can fail if you put Him at the centre of it.

What inspired your business idea and how did you start out?

I have always been an advocate for the beauty and hair industry for many years now. It only seemed fitting that I invest my degree knowledge and industry experience into something that I see myself doing long term. I decided I would further study cosmetic formulation and the rest is history. Knowing what’s going into your own products is so important.

What are the three words that spring to mind when you hear Women’s Day/Month?

Collaborate. Celebrate. Inspire

What inspires you to be beautiful?

Being a woman is an inspiration on its own. We still have so much that we have yet to uncover what we women are capable of. Beauty for me definitely stems from within.

Has being a woman impacted your level of success in the industry? If yes, please provide clarity as to hindrances etc.

Yes definitely, especially being a woc it has made me work hard to earn my place in this industry. I had to become consistent, vulnerable and grab every opportunity with open arms. Some of which only offered “exposure”. It’s taken me many years to finally allow my no’s to be no’s.

What is your personal beauty mantra?

3 steps that I never skip before leaving the house.

  • Drink a glass water
  • Apply a sunblock moisturizer
  • Apply a lip balm/gloss

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female success?

Fear of failure. As women we are held to such a high standard so we scare ourselves into thinking that if we fail that we will never be able to recover. It is quite the opposite. Our failures make us stronger and more resilient than ever. Failure is inevitable, but success is elusive.

Your favourite beauty moment?

Definitely the grooming/skin phase. I love taking care of my skin. During lockdown I taught myself how to dermaplane, wax and tweeze my own face. Thereafter I love applying serums, doing face masks and leaving my skin looking smooth and glowy.

Your biggest motivation?

Making my family proud. I have also always dreamed of a life where my kids will one day be proud of me and the risks I took so that I can build a life for them that they deserve. I love challenging myself to do things that I think I’m incapable of doing. It sometimes keeps me up at night. Lol

What goals have you set for yourself? And do you have motivation for women out there who sometimes feel like giving up when they don’t reach their goals at the time they had anticipated?

I would love to have my business run on its own within the next 3-4years. I would also like to open up other smaller businesses in the beauty/media industry. I have learnt that planning is so important to goal reaching. I would definitely Recommend writing down your goals, setting a deadline and actively working towards it every single day. Even if you don’t reach your goal at the deadline you’ve set, you are definitely closer to reaching it than when you initially imagined it.

What is the most rewarding part about what you do?

Seeing the final product and looking back to see how far you’ve grown. It’s difficult to reward yourself for taking baby steps, but always take a moment to reflect and give yourself a pat on the back. Being in this industry for 9 years I thought I would be way ahead, but when I look back I realize I was on my own journey and the pace is exactly what I needed.

What does it mean to you to be a young female entrepreneur in South Africa today?

It’s tough. Especially when you start off. It’s not as rewarding as I thought it would be. That's why I’m so glad it’s something I love doing so I can work on it everyday. It’s a journey to earn that badge of “small business owner”. There are so many obstacles in the way. But it’s definitely empowering and let’s you see business in a whole new light.

Gender Based Violence (GBV) especially women and children abuse has been prevalent in the country for a very long time and there have been various initiatives that speak to this but the scourge of abuse still continues at a large scale, what would you advise as a solution going forward? And who should be involved?

Before we can look at what other people can do, it’s so important that we check up on the people in our own circles. It starts with us and ensures that we have this open conversation about how we are treated in our relationships. Therefore GBV won’t be tolerated when we raise strong women who will fight back. Furthermore, we should teach our men to respect women and grow them up in the ways of the Lord. Teach them to love and to protect.

What are some of the great possibilities about being a woman in the world right now, that may not be easy to see but you feel women should take full advantage of without being ashamed or afraid?

Women in business and women in leadership. We have the power to change lives, shift possibilities, give opportunities and change narrative. We are the future generation of this country. We are powerful and we are coming. God has given us the ability to raise good men, good women and a great nation. May we be them, May we raise them.

How has self-care contributed to the woman you are in all facets of your life? Why is self care important, particularly for women, as most women are raised to believe that they have to put everyone else first before themselves?

Mental health plays a huge role in who we are as women. Self care gives us the opportunity to take care of ourselves not only on the outside but on the inside too. Self care allows us to reflect, to change and to empower. We are reminded of who we are and who we can be. We are place on this earth for a purpose. It is up to us to first take care of ourselves first before we can take care of anyone else.

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