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Staying in tonight? Binge watch these 3 shows!

Tired of ‘turning up’? We get it. Sometimes all you need is to spend the night indoors, curled up on the couch, and watching your favourite TV shows. We’ve put together a roundup of some of the best shows to binge watch tonight.

Dear White People

In this witty comedy series, based on the movie with the same name, Logan Browning plays Samantha White, a student at Winchester University, a predominantly white Ivy League college. Through humor, the show gives viewers a realistic impression of what it’s like for people of colour to live in a ‘post-racial’ society.

Available on Netflix


Sex And The City

Grab a glass of rosé and binge watch the most stylish series ever created. Still haven’t figured out if you’re a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha? Then, now’s the perfect time to find out!

Available on Showmax



In this award-winning series, produced by and starring Issa Rae, the stereotypical depiction of ‘strong black women‘ is challenged. Issa and Molly are two awkward black girls who are just trying to figure out life on their own terms.

Available on Showmax


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