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The Complete Guide to Keeping cool during a pandemic

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Stay Calm. Smile. We got you.

It’s been a tough few weeks for us all since the global pandemic Covid19 reached South African shores. The jokes about #coreezy, #cory, #rona have now died down and we’re all doing our best to secure our own safety and protect our families, friends and fellow citizens.

However, as important as it is to remain aware and alert during this time of danger, mass anxiety and panic, we also need to remind ourselves of the good that still exists in our world and revel in all that sparks joy in our lives.

So, the Condé Nast team got together and a few of us decided to share the personal things keeping us positive, productive and less anxious during the Covid19 South Africa crisis.

We hope that this will inspire you to find your joy during this dark time.  


Nontando Mposo, GLAMOUR Editor-In-Chief

What's keeping me sane is knowing that soon COVID-19 will seem like a distant dream just like all the other viruses before it. Also, a glass of wine at the end of the day and Showmax.


Jason Basson, Group Fashion Director


I enjoy spending some time at home making costumes, dressing up and dancing around my flat in full geisha to 80s synth-pop. It's cathartic, creative and kills time. I particularly enjoy skype calling my friends and family to shock their pants off.


It's a popular card game invented by backpackers and is a lot of fun in small groups of people. Goes well with all alcoholic drinks.


One of my favourite pastimes involves doing huge psychedelic murals in black ink on paper. It's an automatic process for me, so it's a great way to funnel my subconscious thoughts, feelings and imagery onto paper.


Walter Hayward, Group Managing & Syndication Editor

3 Things Keeping Me Positive:

Watching rom-coms and imagining finding a similar love.

Having dinner with friends through FaceTime.

Playing the Sims and pretending to have my life together.


Robyn-Lee Pretorius, GQ Art Director

I can tap into my whiskey collection without feeling guilty and the fact that so many events are being cancelled for the next month. April is an expensive month guys.


Art Mukhari, Social Media Manager

Honestly, I have been panicking about COVID19 ever since I found out about it but I have managed to find my calm in the storm and that is definitely watching Homecoming a film by Beyoncé on Netflix which motivates me to #StayAtHomecoming (you get it? LOL) whilst self-quarantining.

Working remotely does get to me and luckily, I have found a coping mechanism which includes taking a stroll at the beach and also discovering new music which I never had the time to listen to.


Lesley Mathys, Group Managing & Syndication Editor


Keeping myself fed definitely keeps me calm and distracted.

Beyoncé on replay

Might be the perfect time to get some exercise in and learn the Coachella choreography lol.


Mira Leibowitz,

Tea for the win

I'm a huge tea fan! My boyfriend and I have a huge drawer that is dedicated to every tea you can imagine. We're very into vanilla chai at the moment, mainly because we're trying to finish the oat milk before it goes bad. And well, you know what they say... A cuppa a day keeps the anxiety at bay. Just me? lol. Don't knock it 'till you try it!

Music is a must

We're really making use of our record player/record collection these days. We've been listening to every record we own at this point. Listening to music all day, every day definitely alleviates some form of stress and anxiety. Currently listening to Bob Marley's Greatest hits - yep, you guessed it! ‘Don't worry, be Happy’

Nourishment & Exercise

My boyfriend and I have come to the realisation that WFH has the potential to go one way or another when it comes to health. What I'm trying to say is, it's going to be hard to maintain a healthy weight when all we're doing is sitting and working and cooking and eating. Gone are the days of +10K steps a day and getting away with late-night snacks. Our short-term solution? Skipping brekkie and getting creative in the kitchen with lunch and dinners, because a Healthy Gut = Healthy Mind

Then when it comes to getting some kind of activity in each day, we've decided to join forces and with the help of the internet, we're able to stretch and strengthen every day before or after work hours. I'm seriously missing my fave pilates teacher Jane right now. But a lot of teachers are teaching classes live online!! It's important to stay active, good for the rain and the body.


Molife Kumona, Online Editor

What's keeping me positive during this Corona Virus chaos is prayer, focusing on the positive things that still exist in life and my partner. I pray like all the time, so when I feel any kind of anxiety about this, whether its fear that I may get the virus or my kids or partner may get it, I just say a prayer of protection.

I am also keeping sane and calm through home workout videos on YouTube. I didn't know there were so many of those and they are so effective. Now that I am self-quarantined, I can actually work out more during breaks from work and at any time. How cool? My partner and I also share a lot of jokes and positive things that are happening to us, that helps a great deal.


Edwain Steenkamp, Décor Editor Condé Nast House & Garden

With the daily news of more infections and death, I try to make sure to dedicate parts of the day to beautiful things. For me, that beautiful thing is playing the piano. It's simple, but it allows me to quiet my mind, and forget about the very grave things we're facing every single day. After an hour or two of the piano, I feel calmer, more relaxed and most importantly, I feel grateful to have something that brings me so much happiness.

I also make time in the evenings to watch documentaries about animals, I'm currently watching Earth By Night on Netflix. It's a reminder that we're part of a bigger world, and that life on earth will always prevail despite impossible odds. It's strangely comforting to me.


Vine Lucas, Senior Digital Graphic Designer

Focusing on my sensory system (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) is helping me a lot especially my sense of touch, cuddling with my cat Pudi and feeling his soft fur. My hot water bottle and its warmth also helps comfort me, even in the hot weather, and listening to my favourite musician who is Kaelo at the moment.

It also helps to send messages to friends and family, staying connected if not physically but online. Another tip, I have learnt if you are having trouble sleeping is rubbing lavender on your palms or putting it under your pillow.


Lisa Abdellah, Senior Copy Editor


Spending time with my cat, affectionately known as Poodle. All she wants to do is cuddle, no matter what mood you come home in.

Spending time with my husband

He's an intelligent man who puts things into perspective. Plus, he's a fantastic cook. 


Running alone gives me time off from the world. It allows me to get into my own headspace, and pushing myself boosts my confidence and makes me feel happy.


Luthando Vikilahle, Online Content Producer

As a writer who happens to be living in the township, I have to say it's been very tough. So, to keep myself calm I have decided to play music which is my routine when trying to de-stress. My playlist is old and needs updating, so I have been checking out a lot of new releases and sharing some music with friends via the internet.

I have also found pleasure in reading books that have been piling up in my house without receiving proper engagement. I have also decided to read more about the virus to help people in my circle by distributing information, staying calm and managing your mental health. A game of soccer with my son or a few drinks with close people is another way of keeping my nerves in check.


Amy Saunders, Online Content Producer

I am as afraid and concerned as anyone else is about where this pandemic is headed and how it will affect us all down the line, especially because I work in a digital environment and we are constantly on social media, consuming news from innumerable sources on the daily.  However, besides my faith and hand sanitiser, these three things help me keep my cool:

Limiting the time I spend online after hours.

A good Netflix or iTunes binge.

A really really good glass of red to keep me company. She’s a simple girl.

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