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The perfect trifle recipes for the most delicious #Christmas dessert

Looking for the perfect trifle recipe to host the perfect #Christmas dinner, we have you covered for dessert.

Eggnog Trifle by BBC Good Food


  • 375 g caster sugar
  • 3 large eggs, separated
  • 3 tbsp cornflour
  • 800 ml double cream
  • 250 ml full-fat milk
  • 165 ml brandy, marsala or sherry (or a mixture)
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 35-40 cream-filled profiteroles (chocolate eclairs)
  • 1 large orange, zested, plus 1 tbsp juice
  • 50g crunchy amaretti biscuits
  • 4 medium clementines, peeled and sliced into thick rounds


For the custard, whisk 150 g sugar, the egg yolks and cornflour in a bowl until pale and smooth.

Pour 300 ml cream, the milk and 65 ml of the alcohol into a saucepan.

Split the vanilla pod, scrape out the seeds and add to the cream with the pod.

Heat until steaming but not boiling, then pour the hot liquid onto the yolks, whisking as you go.

Strain the liquid through a sieve into a clean saucepan and discard the vanilla pod.

Return to a low-medium heat and whisk for about 10 mins until very thick. If you get lumps, simply whisk them out.

Pour the custard into a jug and cover with cling film directly on the surface. Chill for 11 /2 hrs.

Arrange half the profiteroles in the base of a 2-litre trifle bowl.

Spoon 2 tbsp of the remaining alcohol over the profiteroles along with the orange juice, then crumble over the biscuits.

Trickle the custard over the profiterole base. Arrange the remaining profiteroles on top of the custard, working around the edges first, then filling the centre.

Arrange the clementine slices around the edge of the bowl, tucking them around the profiteroles.

Whisk the remaining alcohol, 500 ml cream, 50 g sugar and the orange zest until holding soft peaks.

Spread the mixture over the profiteroles, right to the edge of the bowl, then return to the fridge until you’re ready to serve. Can be made a day ahead up to this point.

For the meringue, put the egg whites, the remaining 175 g sugar, 1 tbsp water and a good pinch of salt in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water.

Whisk until thick and leaving a prominent trail from the beaters.

Take the bowl off the heat and continue whisking for another 3 mins until cooled slightly and very stiff.

Spoon the meringue onto the trifle, creating peaks and troughs with the back of a spoon.

If you have one, use a blowtorch to scorch the meringue.

Fatima Sydow's Festive Trifle


  • 1 sponge cake or swiss roll slices
  • 3 tablespoons Apricot Jam
  • 1 large Canned Fruit
  • One litre custard
  • Greengage jelly 2 packets
  • Blackcurrant jelly 2 packets
  • Vanilla whipped cream, crumbed flake and berries for decorations and walnuts


Prepare your jellies as instructed on packets and allow to set in fridge.

When your jelly has set now you place all your ingredients neatly next to each other in smaller bowls, because trifle is an assembly of ingredients, no cooking or baking required.

Using a very deep bowl for a two layer trifle, or a flat large bowl for a one layered trifle.

Cut sponge or swiss roll into slices, spread with a knife some apricot jam on each slice, now place half of the sponges at bottom of the bowl.

From the canned fruit, drizzle half of the fruit on sponge, drizzle half of the syrup of the canned fruits over the sponge as well.

Now dollop half of the green and red jelly over the canned fruit, evenly.

Pour half of the custard over the jelly, evenly.

Repeat all steps till all ingredients have been used, pipe some Vanilla cream over and decorate with berries, crumbed flake and walnuts.

Place covered in fridge overnight.

Banoffee Trifle from BBC Good Food


  • 6 tbsp tropical fruit juice (from a carton)
  • 2 tbsp rum or brandy
  • 2 firm bananas
  • 8 thin slices from a bought madeira cake
  • 2 tbsp Belgian chocolate sauce
  • 4 heaped tbsp of caramel
  • 225 g tub mascarpone
  • 250 ml chilled custard (from a tub)
  • A block of dark chocolate


No cooking is needed, this clever pudding makes the most of good quality ready-made cake and sauces.

In a large bowl, stir the tropical fruit juice with the rum or brandy.

Slice the bananas into the fruit juice mixture and toss together.

Sandwich the slices of Madeira cake with the chocolate sauce, dice it into squares and pile in the bottom of 4 pretty glasses.

Top with the bananas and rum mixture then add a heaped spoonful of dulce de leche to make another layer.

Next, beat the mascarpone and custard together until smooth, then spoon on top of the mixture.

Chill until ready to serve for up to 2 hours.

Before serving, run a potato peeler down the flat back of the bar of chocolate to make shavings and scatter indulgently on top of the trifles.

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