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Glamour’s Fashion Director shares her unique experience with French Cognac brand Bisquit & Dubouché

For the first time, I had the privilege of attending the Durban July as a guest of Bisquit & Dubouché cognac. As South Africa’s premiere horse racing event, it was only natural for a sophisticated brand such as Bisquit to be involved. To be completely transparent, I was pleasantly surprised to be invited—stereotypically, cognac is seen as compatible with the GQ brand (which speaks to the modern man) as opposed to Glamour (which speaks to women). “Hard liquor” is typically marketed to men instead of women, and I find this stereotype to be irritating. But I’m glad to see Bisquit & Dubouché is changing that!

My entire introduction to the brand not only speaks to sophistication and refinement but more importantly, inclusivity. Their female ambassadors align perfectly with the Glamour woman—one who knows what she wants, works hard, and enjoys the finer things in life. Let’s be clear that this is a beverage to be sipped, savoured, and celebrated. The profile is distinctive, multi layered, and complex; an experience you would completely miss if you hastily downed your drink. The process of creating this world-class beverage is the culmination of over a century spent perfecting a distilling process that is still at the heart of the brand today.

My favourite way to enjoy this cognac is with a splash of tonic water, ice, and a twist of lemon for garnish. This simple cocktail doesn’t overpower the flavours of the cognac and instead, highlights the fruity notes of pear, mango, and apricot. I got to experience the V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) selection. Although cognac is an elite beverage, this isn’t one to relegate to special occasions and rare experiences. The Bisquit & Dubouché brand is all about turning ordinary moments into the extraordinary—whether you’re sipping it in front of the fire after a long day or giving a nod to life’s little celebrations (even if the occasion is simply that it’s a Friday). Life’s too short to put things off, so enjoy a glass of Bisquit & Dubouché and make every moment one worth celebrating!

Image: Supplied/ Fashion Director Tania Durand

Below are a few more of my favourite cognac cocktail recipes for you to enjoy.

The Old Fashioned

50ml Bisquit & Dubouché V.S.O.P. - 15ml simple syrup - 2 dashes bitters - 1 orange zest - splash of water - ice cubes

The Strawberry Highball

50ml Bisquit & Dubouché VS - 12ml Woolworths Strawberry & Mint Syrup - 25ml fresh lemon juice - soda water to top up

The Pink Lady

35ml Bisquit & Dubouché VS - 15ml Grand Marnier - 15ml lime juice - 75ml cranberry juice

Image: Supplied

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