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Sandara Park is Natures’ Muse - Embracing Eco-Chic Glam in Floral Finery

'Harmony with Nature' and 'Ecology' are crucial keywords in our modern world. Fashion consistently aligns its steps with these trends. In the 24SS fashion trend, an essential keyword is 'Flower Power.' We caught up with ​​South Korean singer and actress, Sandara Park on the set of her Glamour cover shoot inspired by 'Flower Power.'

Presenting an ecologically friendly look, she embodies a natural and eco-friendly aesthetic in this jungle-inspired concept. Visibly excited, she says she loves nature, forests, and the scent of trees. And shared that she has a model palm tree at home, “I’m not confident in taking care of real plants. Living in the Philippines for a long time, I naturally developed a love for palm trees. When I see them, I remember my Philippine days, and it brings a sense of comfort. I love palm trees so much that I have a signature logo for it, closely associated with my old hairstyle.”

Photography: Kim Min Suk, Photographic Assistant: Ju Hyunwoo. Hwang Sewoong

The concept of the shoot aptly captures her love for nature, as her fresh appearance resembles a forest fairy to subscribers. Her take on the Floral Print, one of the 24SS fashion trends? "I like clothes with vibrant patterns and colors regardless of the type. So, I've worn a variety of clothes with different patterns, and floral prints have naturally been among them. Since it’s trending again, I think I'll be wearing them a lot in 2024."

Sandara dons beautiful lily flower prints, showing a romantic and elegant look. The flower meaning of the lily is 'truth' and 'purity.' Prompted by the inspiration behind this look, we ask what meaning she’d want to be associated with if she were a flower? “I like the flower language of the lily. The mere imagination of having a flower language attached to me makes me feel good.” Similar to the lily, she gravitates towards 'truth,' 'sincerity,' 'uniqueness,' and the 'power of positivity'.

Photography: Kim Min Suk, Photographic Assistant: Ju Hyunwoo. Hwang Sewoong

Floral outfits are often based on iconic patterns and are commonly used in feminine designs such as mini dresses and skirts. The outfit selection, including blazers and overall silhouettes, therefore showcases a 'sophisticated' and unexpectedly charming appeal. As an expert in her field since childhood, we’re curious about her take on fashion as a storytelling medium, "I see fashion as a medium to showcase myself. I believe fashion can portray my personality, the lifestyle I pursue, and even the messages I want to convey. I confidently wore outfits that might have seemed too unique, cryptic, or not feminine to others.”

Asserting that she doesn't like being confined to societal norms, “so I wore what I wanted. I want all of us to embrace the idea that it's not about being 'wrong,' but about being 'different.' I always want to live with the mindset that, rather than comparing ourselves to others, we all have our unique charm and should express ourselves happily."

The floral print is globally recognized as a fashion meme, often associated with the iconic scene from the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' (2006). In this scene, Miranda Priestly says, "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." Despite the satirical tone, floral prints continue to receive love and are considered a timeless trend.

Fashion trends, as shown in various genres beyond the fashion category, are often utilized in media. On her approach to integrating fashion with other elements to best express her stories, Sandara says she believes that music and fashion are one. During her time with 2NE1, she recalls moments when people found their looks unconventional or unfamiliar. When they performed the song 'I AM THE BEST', she had an intense punk look with her hair styled like Vegeta. Before revealing the stage, others would be surprised or even mock her. After the performance, everyone understood and applauded her look. The synergy between music, performance, and fashion created a remarkable effect, expressing the message they wanted to convey. Sandara Park considers it one of her best looks to this day.

Photography: Kim Min Suk, Photographic Assistant: Ju Hyunwoo. Hwang Sewoong

Tempted to refer to Sandara as a 'Forest Fairy', we ask her to describe the forest fairy she imagines. "Probably because of what I watched since I was a child. When I think of a forest fairy, I think of 'Tinker Bell.' If I were a fairy, my visual would be something like Tinker Bell, but with a funky and unique hairstyle. Maybe with my hair held up high (laughs). Or, with a unique touch to the dress, like adding a metal pin. Something unique like that.” Given a chance to get a gift from the forest fairy she expressed her desire for a small forest with her unique scent of trees. “I would want my own space, a "little forest," where I could go and heal whenever I felt tired.”

When talking about "fashion" and "flowers," we can’t ignore the "Flower Power" associated with the 'Hippie culture.' Can Sandara relate? "Yes, I've tried the Hippie style too, and there are times when I get into it. I also like the meaning behind the fashion, and I feel like I wear it when I want to express myself freely.”

About her recommendations on brands or items that suit the Hippie style, she says, “while there are many beautiful brands, there's something about the Hippie look that feels special. It's like finding items in a random store during a trip to an unfamiliar place, where there are no named brands or chain stores – that's when you get a real 'Hippie' vibe. Come to think of it, I think I have several of those items at home too. (laughs)"

Photography: Kim Min Suk, Photographic Assistant: Ju Hyunwoo. Hwang Sewoong

With infectious joy, Sandara Park celebrates the chance to reveal a different facet of herself during the shoot. She expresses her aspiration for 2024, aiming to connect with her fans through fresh music. She expresses hope that fans will relish her Glamour feature and seeks their support in realizing her dreams. Concluding, Sandara Park extends warm wishes for a Happy New Year to all!


Artist Sandara Park

Publicist Taeon Yoo

Photography Kim Min Suk

Photographic Assistant Ju Hyunwoo. Hwang Sewoong

Makeup Sungeun Shin

Hair Taehyun, Yoonjae Heo

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